Friday, February 13, 2009


I know a lot of you are wondering how I am doing and what I look like....I feel like crap, the medicine has had me vomiting, and yes, I am eating with the medicine so I haven't had any pain meds since last night at 10pm. They are making me too sick and making me feel like I have the flu.
I have pictures on my website, just click here to see them but remember, they are GRAPHIC and are not for the faint of heart.

The doctor said I had so much bleeding from the implants being capsulized that he had to stop cauterizing because it was burning me too much. He closed me up and "vacuum sealed" me. CRAZY HUH????

GROSSES ME OUT to tell you the truth and PLEASE anyone out there wondering if they should get implants after breast cancer. DON'T DO IT!!!! If I can help ONE PERSON out there with all of this, then I have done my job. Doc sent my implants and some tissue to pathology and that should all be a-okay and we will find out for sure on Monday.

Happy Valentine's Day and Weekend, Amy
(PS....feel free to take the Valentine Day Graphic)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~I made it~ Prayers for Kristi~

I made it thru surgery okay. Other than puking my guts out from these drugs, I am doing okay. I feel like I have the flu and finally found a pain killer that isn't making me throw up. UGH!!!! I go in Monday to get this contraption off and hopefully get my drains out. I have been cut from my sternum to underneath my arm pits and it hurts like hell. Other than that....I am exhausted and feel like crap.

PLEASE PRAY FOR KRISTI....She was playing basketball for the ARMY WOMEN on Tuesday night and was hurt at the end of the game. The score was tied and she was fouled. She made the first free throw and went in to get her second shot that she knew was short and had her legs taken out from underneath her. They won the game (BIG DEAL I SAY). She called crying, she is on crutches and waiting for an MRI of her knee. All they gave her was painkillers, which she can't take, an ace bandage and crutches. She has to walk a mile and a half to her appointment, on crutches. I AM VERY UPSET to say the least. You see, she is the 2nd highest score in her class, meaning she only has one other person that is doing better than her, this is a HUGE SET BACK as they have her in limbo and a waiting status. SHE IS DEVASTATED and afraid she isn't going to graduate with her class. She passed her National Registry Test for her EMT so at least she has that going for her. I am just sick for her as this whole Army experience hasn't been the best for her. All I can tell her is that I will pray for her and that everything happens for a reason. A MOM FEELS SO HELPLESS, especially when I didn't want her to go in the first place!!!!
Thank you to everyone for your notes, phone calls and emails, I appreciate you more than you know,
Love and Hugs, Amy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


~MADDI'S PIZZA ROLL SMILE~ Is that what life is all about????
Maddi was eating pizza rolls and made them into a smile and said, "Mommy, will you please take a picture of my art work?" She was so proud of herself and it made made me laugh and put a big smile on my face!!!! I hope it does the same for you.
Thank you to everyone for your emails and phone calls wishing me luck and for praying for me. I am leaving in a little bit for Iowa City and my surgery begins at 1:15 CST. I am scared to death about going under, always have been, always will. I will make sure to let you know how it goes. Here's to the beginning of the road to recovery.
Hugs and Love, Amy

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