Saturday, July 28, 2007




WOW....the medication they gave me is not only taking the pain away but it puts me to sleep!!! I have no idea where the last day and a half went and I am already to go back to bed. I am on a liquid diet because not only is it painful to my mouth but it hurts my teeth to chew. I can't talk much and my lips and corners of my mouth have a constant coating of Burt's Bee's Lip Balm on them.

I do have a confession, pretty much since my last chemo.....I have been burning both ends of the candle and now I am paying for it. I have been driving, doing laundry, going to Wal-mart and stuff like that, (Bob and I took the kids fishing Monday and I LOVED IT) and well, I'M NOT SUPPOSE TO BE doing that after chemo. (I thought the doctor said keep up like normal but like both Bob and Kristi said to me, normal to you is not normal to everyone else)
SO.....Amy is going to be a good girl and listen to everyone around me and if I can make it thru this weekend and get to the doctors at 8am Monday Morning to have blood work done and see where my levels are at, I will be in good shape. Until then, I am off the computer (BUT MY EMAIL IS WORKING....YEAH) and will be back when I find out what the doctor says on Monday.
Hard to keep a good girl down....especially this one.....I just don't want to miss anything.

Have a FUN WEEKEND FOR ME!!!! Hugs, Amy

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well, my mouth is getting so bad that it is making me shake with pain. The $150.00 medicine rinse I got yesterday is making it worst. It doesn't help that my teeth are trashed due to the fact that I took dylatin for so many years when I had epilepsy as a child so the rinse is making my teeth hurt to the bone. So, off to Walgreen's I go to get even more medicine for my mouth. I am at my low point of my blood count and energy (10 to 14 days post chemo) so this is also a big reason why my mouth is giving me fits. At least I am not running a temp like last time.

BUT STILL....CHEMO SUCKS!!! And that's all I have to say about that!!!!


I can't believe it but my e-mail is NOT was just fine this morning and now all I get is the Yellow Triangle with the question mark in it from MSN Mail. I have a call into Qwest right now, my internet service provider so we will see what the deal is.
CRAZY CRAZY and BOY DO I FEEL in the DARK!!! It's not fun and I have done everything on my end to try to fix it.
Maybe someone above is telling me to CHILL OUT for awhile.....LOL
Hugs to all of you and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Not necessarily in this order but just as they come to mind.....LOL

1. That the steroids make me have a 15 pound weight swing. Maddi wants a BABY BROTHER......LOL and asks me "Are you SURE you aren't pregnant?"

2. That the sores in my mouth make me want to not only pull my teeth out (the pain is in my jaw line too) but also have put huge cuts in my tongue making it impossible to taste anything. The sides of my mouth feel like ground hamburger too. OUCH!!! It's very painful. And my lips have a constant slather of Burt's Bees LIP BALM on them. Maybe I will finally find that diet plan I have been working on....Enter Chemo, let it screw up your mouth, teeth and taste buds so much so that all you will want is COLD ICE WATER.....CALORIE FREE TOO!!!! LOL

3. Every day I think I will feel better than the last, but it's not happening. Right now, I feel like I am getting the flu. My bones are aching and my head is cold and pounding. I have the chills and I just want to go back to bed.

4. Chemo can make you have short term memory loss. THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST FOR ME as I am not as sharp as I was just 2 months ago. I lose my place on the keyboard and forget where I was going or what I was going to do. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. I can't remember who I have talked to on the phone, written to or told what to....ARGGGG!!!! I tried to write it down but then I either forget what I was going to write down or I lose my list.

5. That riding in the car or driving can make me car sick.

6. That I never loved ice cold water as much as I do right now (it freezes my tongue and mouth so the sores don't hurt so much) I am also chewing ice like crazy, meaning, my iron count is way down AGAIN. I have that checked on Friday and might have to have another shot for that too.

7. That losing your hair on your head makes you so cold at night and even during the day. Now I understand why my Dad didn't want to cut his "COMB OVER"......LOL

8. Not only did I lose the hair on my head but on my legs, under arms, private areas and now my nose hair and eye lashes are falling out. Not to mention my eyebrows are thinning out and I am losing the hair on my arms.....WEIRD HUH????

9. That going thru menopause in the same amount of time I have to go thru chemo makes me have hot flashes and cold sweats, all within minutes of each other. BOY IS THIS A STRANGE THING TO ME!!!! And a bit funny too because one minute I have layers of clothes on and the next minute I am taking a cold shower to cool down!!!!

10. That I have what they refer to as phantom pain around the area of my nipples on my breasts, even tho they cut them off and are not there. I keep thinking they are itching.....SHOWERS take me about 5 minutes because I don't have to shave, shampoo, or condition my hair. THIS PART I COULD GET USED TO!!!!

11. That my right armpit is still numb from them taking out my lymph nodes yet it itches and I can't feel anything if I try to scratch.

12. I have now been on over 20 prescribed medications (this doesn't even include the chemotherapy drugs) all from the side effect of the chemo and to the tune of over $1100.00 in RX Bills. That one shot the day after chemo costs $6000.00!!!! THAT STILL SHOCKS ME!!! And I have no idea how much the shot is going to be on Friday to get my RED BLOOD cell count up and I am ANEMIC so that should help that too (with the side effect of heart attack or stroke.....OH GREAT) I REALLY SIGNED UP FOR THIS???? Did you slip something into my soda or my food before I said okay, lets do it!!!!????

13. I am 3 months AHEAD of my reconstructive surgery and I can BURN MY BRAS!!! I will never have to wear one again because they used all the skin to reconstruct and there will be none there to sag. NOW THAT IS TOTALLY COOL......I might have a bra-burning party with my girlfriends!!! WANNA COME ALONG???? Or I can give away my pretty chic Victoria Secret ones.....NAH....JUST BURN EM I SAY!!!!

14. That wigs, hats and jewelry look TOTALLY UPTOWN GIRL to me and make me feel like a different person wearing them. (THANK YOU GIRLS for ALL THOSE AWESOME HATS) I never wear one has ever showed me how, so I am what I am.....

15. That light headedness is a sign that your white blood cell count might be headed down and that you need to chill out and make sure you don't have a temp over 100.5 or you have to stay in the hospital for at least 3 days in hopes you don't catch anything else or you might die. WAKE UP CALL FOR AMY!!!!

16. That being QUARANTINED to your house means just sneaking down to the gas station to buy milk or a loaf or means STAY IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!! LOL (yup, I broke that rule a couple times) and NO VISITORS, which to me is really hard when you have 6 kids and most of them drive and bring friends along to "hang out".

17. My fingernails have never been so long and strong ever before in my whole entire life. Kinda crazy too!!!
18. That the BONE MARROW SUPPRESSION is worst for me right on my sternum. So much so that it drops me to my knees crying because it feels like someone hit me several times with a baseball bat. IT'S FROM THE $6000.00 SHOT.....
This concludes all that I know right now.....the screen is moving in front of me and it's midnight already. I will be working on the website tomorrow so hopefully you will get a look see....I will try to post some pictures here on the blog for you to see....
Goodnight Everyone....SLEEP GOOD.....Hugs and Love, Amy


Welcome to BLOG LAND Becky......I'm not sure how Becky and I found each other, I just know that when I saw the pictures of her home, I saw something in EVERY ROOM that either I had, have or my Mom has......GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!! And she has been featured as Cottage of the Month for July so check out her new blog and welcome her as I know she will become one of your favorite blogs to read to....OH.....AND CHECK OUT HER PILLOWS......SHE sent me 2 of the MOST GORGEOUS PILLOWS I HAVE......THAT GIRL REALLY KNOWS HOW TO SEW and she is an AWESOME SELLER ON e-Bay too!!!
(PS.....I am not doing so good right now....I have been trying to work on the website but keep becoming overwhelmed and tired. I just woke up from a 4 hour nap with my teeth and jaw feeling like they were going to fall out. CHEMO SUCKS with all these side effects and I am ready to go back to bed.....AT LEAST I AM NOT IN THE HOSPITAL like I was last chemo at this time....and hey, at least I am alive to complain right???? .....but it still sucks...and I have gained 15 pounds from the steroids...YUCK!!!!)

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I wanted to let everyone know that as I found out about the "HATS FOR AMY" not only was it Becca who started the ball rolling but ALSO MARY ROSE from ISABELLASCLOSET . Mary, you have been the MOST INCREDIBLE FRIEND anyone could ever have. Your constant concern, prayers, laughter and genuine love for me has made me want to be more like YOU!!! Even though we have never met face to face, I feel that our friendship was meant to be. YOU WILL FOREVER HAVE A SPOT IN MY HEART!!! I love you girlfriend and no words can express how happy I am that God put you in my life and that you are part of my world!!!! YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!! BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!! ~Amy~