Wednesday, September 17, 2008


~TIME~ From L to R: My Baby Brother Jeff, My Mom, My Big Brother Lee, Me and Kristi
Kristi at age 3 1/2, trying on her Uncle Harv's Military Boots and Hat, how ironic!!!
Above are just a few of TONS of pictures I took at Kristi's going away party. I only have a few more days with her before she will become US GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. Where did the TIME GO???? I have been so busy with spending as much time as I can with her and the other girls that I haven't finished the goodies on the website. HOPEFULLY, next week after she is gone I will be able to concentrate on it. Some days I feel like I am going MAD!!!! LOL
I haven't slept, honestly, I am a basket case and have meltdowns constantly. I am just going thru the motions of each day.
"BREAST CANCER WARNING to EVERYONE who has gone thru or will be going thru BREAST CANCER"
I FIRED MY plastic surgeon today. His nurse is a PIECE OF WORK. I got all of my medical records and said SEE YA LATER!!! I have since found out that I am not the only one who is having problems with his nurse. I look back now (because when you are going thru breast cancer and a radical bi lateral mastectomy you really are NOT in your right mind, it's UNCHARTED TERRITORY that you have no idea what to do but do what the doctors tell you to do) and I realize the pain and suffering she put me thru, I just get mad as hell. YES, I tried to talk to her, YES, I privately talked with the doctor. Yet, never an apology, never a sorry I messed up. Just arrogance and a big brush off. Shame on them for all of this and dismissing me like I am just another number.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SURE you get to talk to YOUR DOCTOR, and NOT THE NURSE when you have BIG QUESTIONS of concern. Looking thru my records, 5 out of every 6 entry is from Nurse B.....not ONCE did she talk to the doctor about it....IT'S ALL IN WRITING TOO!!! I am not quite sure what I am going to do about this but I will be doing SOMETHING!!! If just warning others about this type of practice, and it helps one person, then I feel better.
OH, and get this, the gal that gave me my records, asked me if I was Kristi's Mom.....I said, Yes!!!! And she proceeds to tell me that she is dating Kristi's boyfriends dad who is NOT yet divorced. So, as I leave, I call Kristi to tell her what a small world it is, tell her about that, hang up and my phone rings. It's the GIRL from the OFFICE.....back peddling about how sorry she was about saying anything about Kristi, her boyfriend or his Dad. I find that odd and say no problem.....but as I am sitting in the truck driving home I realize.....WHOA....WAIT A MINUTE.....WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PRIVACY ACT that I signed in the office, and EVERY medical office I have been in......she just BREACHED that PRIVACY by talking about ME, to her boyfriend (Kristi's boyfriends dad) and who knows whatever else she said......PLEASE FORGIVE Me for I am not in my right mind right now. I just think it's pretty crappy all the way around.
So really, that part isn't a big deal.....It was un-intentional and so I am letting it go, but the Nurse B thing, I am going to write a letter, to the Doctor and say my peace that way. It's never my intent to hurt anyone, I don't want to be spiteful, I just don't want ANYONE to ever have to go thru what I have gone thru with this nurse. AND IN DEFENSE OF NURSES......I understand, you have to do the job of both nurse and doctor at times, I know you have to weed out the whiners, complainers and such, but I hardly ever called (even my oncologist got after me for NOT calling when I was feeling ill) and when I did, I was dismissed, which is all in the medical records. So, there ya have it...BE AN ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF, if you don't NO ONE ELSE WILL!!! And I am the first one to admit, I pretty much have to be on my death bed or in such awful pain before I call a doctor. EVERYONE will tell you that!!!!
Oh, and then I get a call from school that Maddi got in trouble in ART class for SWEARING....she said 'Holy Crap"....and was sent out to the hall and the art teacher said she was crying and she couldn't get her to stop. (she did not say the S word but CRAP) THIS IS THE KICKER.....I walk into the school to get to the bottom of it and the teacher NEVER HEARD her say it, she said another child told her Maddi said it and THE TEACHER has A PIERCED NOSE!!!! What???......My kid is in trouble for saying Holy Crap but you can flaunt a God awful PIERCED NOSE and that's okay???? AND...I find it OFFENSIVE when someone uses the Lords Name in vein, but I think that's okay with the school, so, ....I think I am going to go to school, once again tomorrow and see what exactly is on this "swearing list". By the way, Maddi did say it, and that was wrong if that is their rules, then so be it, but how are you suppose to know the swear word rules when no one has told them to you????? This is a NEW SCHOOL and she is in 1st grade. Oh, now I remember WHY I HOME SCHOOLED MY OLDER GIRLS!!!!
Off to go sit in my favorite Lay-z-boy LEATHER MASSAGE CHAIR I picked up at a sale for $30.00!!!! YEAH.....NO KIDDING.......It's AWESOME for my back and legs and even has heat...oh and did I tell you it's in RED!!!!
Love and Hugs, Amy