Wednesday, January 05, 2011


~Giveaway #1 pictured below~ ~WOW WEE!!!! It's time again for my annual VALENTINE DAY GIVEAWAY!!!!~
2 people will win one of two 70 piece Vintage Valentine Day Paper Ephemera's....WHOO HOOO!!!!
Here is what you need to do to get your name in the drawing up to 3 times:
A. Post a comment on this post and tell me if you want Paper Ephemera #1 or #2
B. Become a follower of my blog
C. Post this giveaway on your blog
That's's that simple.....Each one has 70 pieces of stickers, tickets, labels, valentines, postcards etc.
~Giveaway #2 pictured below~

AND I JUST FINISHED ADDED ALL NEW TREASURES ON THE WEBSITE....100's of Goodies. Below is just a smidgen of what's on there.....

~Loads of Linens this time around~
~Neat old 1900's Sewing Treasures, Buttons, Sewing Books and more~
~Pretty Vintage Valentine's Decor (notice the paper hanging up in the background.....those are part of the giveaway)~
~Awesome Decorating Books, good ones too cause my outdated ones get donated to the goodwill, ONLY $5.00 each~
HAVE FUN and I hope to see you around "The Cottage"
Hugs and Love, Amy

~Outside the Box = My Mind n Alice's Wonderland~

~This is the set of 2 Children's Dinnerware Set that I told you about yesterday. They are from a local friend of mine who gave them to me and said she tired of them and to sell them in my shop or website. LOL...silly girl, I have to keep them for a bit!!!! There are no makers marks on them except the words "Saison Des Alice" in French which translates to "Season of Alice" the words in the middle of the dinner plate is Croatian. How strange huh?
If anyone knows anything about these, please let me know......might have to send a picture of them into Country Livings, What is it worth column.~
~I love the Rabbit skipping away on the saucer....LOL...he just makes me giggle every time I see him~
~Sometimes I think something is wrong with me because I am always like this....

~These awesome beaded CROSSES are NAPKIN RINGS....I found them at Pier One and of course, I DID NOT SEE NAPKIN RINGS......I saw adornments for my living room.~
~Pretty added over one of my glass bottles~
~3 of them really jazzed up my plain black clock~

~Perfect over a candle holder~
~Check out my OLD 1920's Flapper Girl HAT BOX....
I found it this past summer on our road trip to Northwest Iowa.
GET THIS....My Mom and Dad got married in and then lived in Sheldon, Iowa. It's the store that MY MOM AND DAD rented their first apartment from. THEY LIVED UPSTAIRS ON TOP OF THE STORE. Not to mention, it has SHELDON, IOWA listed on it. I NEVER KNEW THIS TIL I GOT HOME AND SHOWED MOM THE HAT BOX!!!!
Imagine how much more special this has made the hat box. And to think, I found it in Storm Lake, Iowa....not Sheldon at a shop called KRISTI'S. (that's exactly how I spell my Kristi girls name)

It does have it's benefits. LOL
Hugs and Love, Amy

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

~For the Love of Baby~

~Not sure what it is but I just love these old Composition Baby Dolls. I'm not picky one bit, as a matter of fact, the ones that have faded eyes, arms or legs missing, stuffing falling out are the ones that I love best.~
~It's as if they were LOVED SO MUCH by A SWEET LITTLE GIRL they chose to save her in a box until someone like me would give them a home and love them as much as they did. Better then the landfill~
~This precious little one has darling molded shoes that don't come off, I was lucky enough to have a friend barter her, for some of my treasures on the website. A happy trade for sure! And she came all the way from California, Thank you MJ from YellowBeachDog Blog!!! She loves her new home~
~If you can find just the right clothes, you can't see their broken limbs, cracks or insides falling out. I believe it was age 5 when our family went to "THE HOUSE ON THE ROCK" and I was scared by the Dolls on Main Street, yet I kept going back to them and looking at them~
~I put a child size veil on this one to hide her cracks on her head~
~This doll reminds me of Alice In Wonderland, now just to find clothes. Do you see the PLATE in the BACKGROUND? I cannot for the life of me find any information on them. They are in French and Croatian and given to me by a friend here in town who told me to sell them in my shop or website....WHAT???? I DON'T THINK SO!
~These two are my worst ones but they are buddies and came to my house together. Arms a missing and all....
Those are my baby shoe from when I was a baby. So glad Mom kept those and I can now display them~
Are you baby doll crazy too???? I always have been, always will be and happy I had all girls that loves dolls too!!!! (cept Maddi asked me to please take them out of her room cause they scare her....LOL)
Hugs and Love, Amy