Thursday, October 18, 2007

~This post is about Amy... from Mary~

Dear blogger friends.. This is Mary from IsabellasCloset. I just got off the phone with Amy. She called to let me know how she's doing.. I had the feeling she was not doing well. Oh my gosh she sounded just awful! She could hardly talk. Her tongue is sore, red, and swollen. She says she's in so much pain right now. Her fingers are also very painful, she can not even type. She asked me to please post this message. She said give her a week or so and she'll be able to get back to posting on her blog again. She was thinking she would be feeling better by now since her chemo is over.. but it's not been the case. This is the worst Amy has sounded to me so far. My heart goes out to her. So please keep Amy in your thoughts and prayers. She's such a mess right now! What this sweet Gal has been through...God bless you all for caring about Amy as much as you do. Hugs & love to you from ~Mary~ IsabellasCloset (Amy's friend).

Monday, October 15, 2007


Just a quick note to let everyone know I am doing okay. I am still in the chemo fog and I am having another side effect of NUMBNESS in my fingertips and hands. Hard to type and answer emails so please give me a few more days.
Also, the pain in my hips is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I feel like I am being crushed by a vice with every step I take. That is the white blood cell/bone marrow suppression and hopefully that will go away in a week or so. I just need to be careful for my 10 thru 14th day after chemo so I don't get infection, so I am quarantined from public places and lots of people. THAT SUCKS....but it beats ending up in the hospital.

Other than that, I'm hanging in there.

Love and Hugs, Amy