Thursday, August 07, 2008


Today, My Kristi Girl, swears in to join the Army National Guard.

Please, Please say a prayer for her and me. I am heartsick that she decided to not take her 3 year scholarship to AIB to become a Federal Court Reporter and instead joined for 6 years to serve our country. You are probably as surprised as I am.....I don't think she understands the full realm of what she is doing. She has never been away from home and will be gone for 7 months for basic training and then off to AIT.
I looked to the sky and said to God, "Haven't I had enough already?"

I know He has plans for her, ones I cannot see or know and I need to find some comfort in that. In the meantime, I think it is only human to have a heavy heart when this decision of hers came out of the blue.
When I found out, just 3 weeks ago, I don't know what was worst, watching my Dad die from cancer, getting cancer myself, or watching my baby girl go off into the military.
You see, there is not one Iowa Guard Unit that hasn't gone to Iraq or Afghanistan and that is why my heart is heavy.

Please pray for her, pray for our troops and pray I find something positive in this whole ciaos that I am going through. And please don't blast me for being upset, I am from an Army and Marines Military family and I was an Air Force Wife for 12 years. So I am very pro-military. I am just in shock over the whole thing.
Hugs and Love, Amy