Friday, June 27, 2008


LOTS OF PICTURES.....WOW WEE!!! Post #200 and the FIRST SURPRISE is that it was ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, I started my first chemo treatment. WOW, am I glad that is over and even more HAPPY I AM CANCER FREE!!!
With that said, My attitude towards life has changed dramatically and I am no longer going to wait for that "someday". I AM going to OPEN MY DREAM SHOP, I AM GOING TO USE MY "Special Occasion Linens", I AM GOING to ENJOY EVERY SINGLE DAY from here on out & FIND THE GOOD in EVERY SITUATION!!!

Three weeks ago, I talked it over with Bob and I told him I am no longer waiting to OPEN A SHOP........and guess what, IT'S HAPPENING!!! MY DREAM, MY BIG HUGE DREAM is coming true.

Bob and Nick went right to work and started knocking down walls.....You will see, in the pictures, what we did in the last 2 weeks. We were derailed a bit by the Flood, as Bob had to work at the Fire Station during the terrible flood of 2008.

Nick, Alex, Kristi, Alli and Maddi ALL HELPED and they continue to help make my dream come true. I HAVE 450 SQUARE FEET OF STORE/SHOP SPACE!!! All NEW PAINT, DRYWALL, ELECTRICAL,INSULATION,CARPET AND A FRONT DOOR TO THE SHOP. Also, BOB BRICKED IN A PARKING AREA and TURN AROUND for my customers. HOW COOL IS THAT???
Everything is now ready for me to start setting up (THE FUN PART and the PART I LOVE THE MOST) and I will be open April 1st through Oct 1st (maybe Nov 1st, dependant on the weather) And my hours will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am to 7pm (open late for those working girls who never get a chance to shop because they get off work the same time the shops close, I missed that working at the radio station, so that is why I am going to be open late)
ENJOY THE PICTURES....Many more to come as I work on the shop this weekend, It's MADDI'S 7th Birthday Tomorrow and we are having her party starting at Noon Today)

There's BOB and NICK......And the Walls Came Tumbling Down.....(I was singing that line from John Meloncamp all day)

JUST AS BOB FINISHED PUTTING IN THE FRONT DOOR (He knocked down the wall, ripped out the drywall, added the new door, and cleaned it all up ALL IN ONE DAY) the HUGE THUNDERSTORM Rolled in....that's what added to our already flooded areas)

There's Our Sweet Alex....She is such an awesome kid and a hard worker too, just like her Daddy!!!

YES, ALL NEW ELECTRICAL & MY FAVORITE, WAINSCOTING soon to be painted white by Kristi and Scott (they are on my blog for Kristi's Prom)
Do you see that old window paned door above??? I painted that white and Bob took out the old crappy 1955 hollow door that leads from the shop to our kitchen, and put that one in. I do have the option (when my house is messy) to add a curtain to it to hide the inside mess of the house.....LOL We found that door at Habitat For Humanity for $15.00
I TOTALLY forgot to get pictures of Kristi and Scott, painting the "new side of the shop" they did an AWESOME JOB!!!

I have always called these the "Servant Stairs" as they lead from my shop to the basement. Alli and her friend Kayla, painted it BEACH COTTAGE BLUE.....It was paint that I had left over from painting my bedroom. Anna, from California, bought me the paint for my BIRTHDAY......THANK YOU ANNA....I think of you every time I see them. (which is everyday) and the kids all want to take a dive as they say it "LOOKS LIKE A POOL". Alli and Kayla DID A FABULOUS JOB painting.

There's that $15.00 leads to my kitchen or down to the "servant stairs"

I Painted this DARLING Vanity (it has a HUGE ORNATE MIRROR with it) in one day, along with the mirror and one other vintage round mirror. The pink just made it I think and it still has it's ORIGINAL Label in the drawer from SMULEKOFF'S in Cedar Rapids. (they were hit HARD by the FLOOD, and I bought this piece in Springville, Iowa BEFORE the flood hit)


All my Love, Amy (who is THRILLED BEYOND WORDS that I am NOT going thru chemotherapy, like I was one year ago today)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008



WOW WEE.....I can't believe it, I am posting on post number #199.....I can't believe how much has happened in the past 18 or so months. I am so excited for LIFE......Each and Every DAY, I am getting stronger and stronger. Not to mention my energy level is far better than I thought it would ever be. Because of that, my weight is melting off.....I am PROUD to say that I have lost 23 pounds and still losing. All those chemo drugs and that back surgery had me pretty much down and out with any type of movement. WHEW!!!! GLAD THAT is OVER. I did have another shot in my spine last Friday in hopes it will help with the nerve damage I have suffered with since getting cancer.

Now, post #200 is going to be AWESOME!!! I promise you that.....
Hugs and Love, Amy

Monday, June 23, 2008


YIPPY SKIPPY We have POSTAL mail service again.

Our Postal Gal said that she can pick up packages and deliver mail to us now as they are using the Side Post Office as their MAIN POST OFFICE until things are cleaned up downtown.

It's going to take a long time but they have HUGE SEMI-TRUCKS of FLOOD and DISASTER SPECIALISTS cleaning everything up. I have to tell you, I never knew something like that even existed, specific companies coming in just to clean up flood damage. Boy, am I not in touch with that. Also, because of my bout with cancer/chemo I am not allowed to help with the clean up. And, just this past Friday, I had another epidural shots put into my back as it was getting worst again.

On a bright note.......Bob and I have been working hard on THE BIG SURPRISE I have going. It's been my dream from day one and I cannot wait to share it with all of YOU!!!

Love and Hugs, Amy

( can go to YOUTUBE and type in Cedar Rapids Flood 2008 and you find hundreds of videos about our flood, some of them are INCREDIBLE to watch. I had to stop watching them as it just makes my heart heavy)