Friday, October 17, 2008

~Kristi HASN'T received ANY MAIL~Can YOU write to her?~

Oh, where do I start~!!!!! I just got a letter from my Kristi girl in Army Basic Training with the first line reading....Hey Mom, so, I haven't gotten any letters yet (with a BIG FROWNY FACE) but I'm keeping my HEAD UP (with an arrow pointing up) My battle buddy shares her mail with me.
TALK ABOUT RIPPING MY GUTS OUT HERE....I HAVE BEEN WRITING, I HAVE BEEN WRITING EVERY DAY.....I am so upset and crying and I can only imagine how my little girl feels right now, she's probably thinking everyone has abandoned her. I am so I am going to get to the bottom of this.If anyone would like to write, here is her address:
E1, O’NEILL, Kristine
A Co 2/60th INF REGT
BLDG 11000
PS….Please be sure to write a big #2 on the BACK of the envelope
SHE IS AT THE TOP OF HER CLASS OF 58 GUYS and GIRLS!!!! I am SOOOO PROUD OF HER.... Bob is calling around and I have called the Red Cross to see if we can find out why she isn't getting her letters. The Chaplin seems to be the way to go....we have a message in to the Chaplin there at Fort Jackson and I know it might sound trivial to some of you, but when you are writing your child everyday and they are getting NO MAIL from ANYONE......something is wrong.
Hugs and Love and try to have a great weekend, I will, as soon as I get to the bottom of this....
( of Sunday October 19th, 2008, we found out Kristi got some of her mail....THANK YOU GOD!!!! Her spirits are UP and it has done wonders for her.....PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!!)