Wednesday, January 23, 2008


LOTS OF PICTURES OF WHAT OUR HOUSE LOOKED LIKE WHEN WE MOVED IN, THEN, SIX WEEKS, yep, 6 Weeks of blood, sweat and tears. We were done with EVERYTHING......all new electrical, plumbing, everything down to the studs and sub flooring.
The girls wanted us to keep the NAPOLEON DYNAMITE Kitchen but there was NO WAY that was going to happen. It was completely gutted.

WE DID ALL the work ourselves. Including laying on the floors too....IT WAS HARD BACK BREAKING WORK but it's DONE and ended up FABULOUS!!! (but now...I want to paint the 1950's Mahogany Wood Walls , IT'S NOT PANELING, can you believe it??? and make it COTTAGE.....and get rid of the CAMP/LODGE LOOK!!! I will post tomorrow what I want to do....and all because of a sofa....LOL, no not really....I wanted to do it when we moved in but was veto-ed over the fact of leaving the charm of the house intact. Have fun looking.....Amy

(PS....sorry about the above pictures, I don't know how to scan my pictures yet)

LOVE THOSE WHITE OAK FLOORS that Bob and I installed ourselves. THAT WAS NOT FUN......3 days straight we worked on it but got it done and it was so worth it!!!



~CRAVING CALIFORNIA FOOD TODAY~ This is what Anna and I had at THE MILL in Murrieta. Above is the Bruschetta....isn't THAT AMAZING??? Below is the BLACK FORREST HAM Sandwich (does anyone know where I can get that kind of ham???) and GARLIC SMASHED POTATO SALAD (WOW....that stuff is FABULOUS) This is from another day we were at The Mill. It's pictured below.... Sourdough Garlic Cheese Bread WITH Sun dried Tomato Spread (we always had to take this home with us and then ate it in the evenings for an extra treat)

I AM SOOOO HUNGRY for the MILL. I just had to share these photos with you. THE FOOD IS AMAZING and the PRICES ARE FANTASTIC. We always ended up bringing food home (to eat later that night) and I wish we had someplace like that here!!!
I am so excited, I FINALLY finished listing all 201 new treasures on the website so if you get a chance, check it out.
NOW......get this, Bob is leaving Friday for Laughlin/Las Vegas for a Firefighter Conference. I WANT TO PAINT MY LIVING ROOM because I HATE IT. I know that is a strong word but it is so depressing to me. I will post pictures of it tonight..... why we never painted the 5/8 inch 1950's MAHOGANY Walls is because you can't get mahogany like that anymore. Plus it was part of the original house. BUT I AM SICK OF IT!!!! It looks like paneling to me and I want my house COTTAGE PRETTY!!!
OKAY....enough said......Back to work for me...
Love and Hugs, Amy

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Wishing I was still in California having some YUMMY PASTRIES this morning....

Winter Weather Alert
The accumulations are over and now the winds kick in. A Blowing Snow Advisory is in effect though noon for blowing and drifting of newly fallen snow. The accumulations are over and now the winds kick in. A Blowing Snow Advisory is in effect though noon for blowing and drifting of newly fallen snow. Snow totals ranged from 1-3" in southern Iowa, 3-6" in east central Iowa, and 6-8" over northeast Iowa..
Iowa Road Conditions Read more »

STRANDED IN IOWA.....anyone remember that song from the 80's??? LOL

It has been A CRAZY ZOO here since I got home from California....

Bob has been sick, then Maddi got it, she stayed home from school yesterday. AND....I was up until 3:30am working on the website trying to organize all 201 new treasures and I'm still not done!!! (I just can't seem to get it together, I think my brain went to sleep while on vacation and I just can't get back into the groove of things)

THEN.....THE BIG SNOW STORM hit yesterday....and today...NO SCHOOL....IT'S A SNOW DAY!!!!

I have barely been online. I want so bad to have time to read everyone's blog and get my pictures and story written about California before I forget...I MISS ALL OF YOU and I can't wait until everyone is back at school tomorrow so I can have some BLOG TIME!!!

In the are a few pictures to make me feel all WARM and FUZZY inside....Oh, and it's -19 below with the windchill RIGHT NOW!!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me......Amy