Tuesday, March 27, 2007



MY DEAR FRIEND PAT and FAMILY FRIEND gave me this OLD VINTAGE WESTINGHOUSE STOVE/OVEN over this past week because they have moved to an Island off of Seattle, Washington.....OH I AM SO WAY EXCITED and CANNOT WAIT TO put it in my "studio/shop" and play around with it. My hubby said it STILL WORKS and just look at all those OLD ENAMEL KNOBS!!! Now, does anyone know how to clean something like this??? I was thinking maybe olive oil or some type of vegetable oil to clean up the black cast iron??? I really have no clue or maybe I should just use hot soapy water. If anyone has any suggestions or knows how to clean this BABY up....please let me know. Thanks so much!!! ~Amy~

I LOVE THOSE ENAMEL KNOBS....And should I use PINK ENAMEL accents or RED ENAMEL accents??? Decisions Decisions....

~YUMMY FLAVOR ZONE OVEN.....It just LOOKS DELICIOUS~ Any decorating ideas are GLADLY WELCOME....~Amy~

~Little Girls ~ Little Girls~


Some Women are draped in DIAMONDS....
Some Women are draped in PEARLS....

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Just a few of our 23 TALL PINE TREES going up the lane to our house. They are at least 50 years old and are as tall as a 10 story building. Fresh green pine sprigs and pine cones that smell like HEAVEN at Christmas Time are why I love these trees!!!
Mr. Face Looks at us when we look out our 9 foot long front picture window. The field across the highway will be planted with IOWA CORN very soon!!!!

Notice the pine cones hanging off Mr. Face Tree??? The girls took some pine cones that had fallen off the pine trees and coated them with PEANUT BUTTER for our feather friends in the winter.

In the back yard which faces the south, we have more pine trees and it was so fun to see little tuffs of green grass coming thru the ground. Love those PINE CONES TOO!!!

This is what we see out of our back door.....this too will be filled with IOWA CORN this summer that grows TALLER than 6 foot and I will be sure to take pictures for all of you to see.

IT'S HERE...IT'S HERE....SPRING IS FINALLY IN IOWA and today we broke a weather record with 79 degree weather. Lots of sun and warm wind and so I thought I would take a picture of what I saw today......Our Backyard...Out our Front Picture Window and those AWESOME TALL Pine Trees that line the lane up to our house. We have 23 pine trees on our property alone.....that doesn't include any of the other trees we have.....I LOVE THE COUNTRY in the SPRING AND SUMMER!!!! And soon they will be planting the corn. I hope to be able to take some night time pictures of the farmers in their big tractors. It's so neat to see them working in the dark planting the corn.
HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE.....Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)