Saturday, August 11, 2007


~THIS ROUND OF CHEMO SUCKS BIG TIME!!! My front tooth has a big chip in it, happened Wednesday teeth are just crumbling in front of me!!! I am tired as all get out, my mouth sores started Thursday afternoon already, Hot Flashes and Night Sweats are out of control and for the first time I feel nauseated and my sternum is killing me (where the bone marrow suppression is happening. I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!~
~Bitchy Amy~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Because NICE MATTERS....and that's YOU!!!! I have been nominated by several "AWESOME Gals" for the Nice Matters Award!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Now it is my turn to award the NICE MATTERS AWARD to some of my favorite gals....well, my NICE MATTERS AWARD goes to YOU!!!
You all know who you are.....Every single one of YOU that have written the most uplifting, inspirational emails and blog notes to me. To Every single one of YOU who have sent me cards, gifts, hats, chocolates, flowers, tea, jewelry, purses, cookies, meals, soaps, handmade pretties and just stopped by to give me a hug, and have stopped what they were doing to pray with me and for me and my family.....To my Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Emery and his sweet nurse, Bethany, you rock my friend. To Dr. Ghosh, my Oncologist and my own personal oncology nurse, Lanette, who is on call for me 24/7 and has a heart of gold, not to mention all those gals in the chemo room that always have a smile on their face and are full of laughter, to my surgeon, my pathologist, the girls from my radiologist (who first found my cancer) and the nurses on 5th floor at St. Luke's, to the girls at the St. Luke's Women's Health, you know who you are, Holly and Kimberly!!! oh, the list goes on and on....I am working on my thank you notes, so please bear with me. I am hand writing to each and every one of you so thanks for waiting on me!!!!
I love all of you and yes, it's 5am in the morning Iowa time and I have not slept for 24 hours.....I go to chemotherapy at 11:30 am.....I'm just scared and I don't want to go....I would rather be reading YOUR BLOGS or just eating popcorn (with real butter of course) and watching a good movie!!!
All my Love, Amy

Monday, August 06, 2007

~More Hats for Amy~ 2nd Post Today

SO NEAT and SO FUN!!! I am wearing this one to my doctors appointment today....The earrings are from my Dear Sweet Friend Anna from California....PINK FRESH WATER PEARLS!!!! OH SO PRETTY!!!!
I am wearing white capris with a pink undershirt and bluejean sleeveless shirt over it....and of course, the hat, earrings and pink rhinestone sandels.

THANKS SO MUCH RHEA!!! WHAT TALENT YOU HAVE and I can't wait to bid on some of your PRETTY ROSES!!!! Hugs to you and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

(PS.....I had a CHEMOBRAIN accident when I originally posted this on my blog!!! Rhea, I am so sorry I confused you with another Rhea on e-bay and I had the wrong link. I have it figured out now and please forgive me for the mess up....Amy)


I just love this picture of Bob, Alex and Me taken before my hair fell out!!!
Can you believe it..... IT'S ONLY BEEN 8 WEEKS POST OP!!!! WOW WEE!!! I'm doing great!!! My sores in my mouth are GONE and I have my appointment today with my plastic surgeon for a check up and possibly another fill in my expander's. They are already at 420cc each and I'm LOVING IT!!! I am not sure if I will go any bigger and I am anxious to talk it over with my plastic surgeon today. I am impressed how much the scars heal so quickly and are so thin. I have about 600 stitches on the inside that are now starting to dissolve. Sometimes they will poke out of my skin and I have to pull them out because they are annoying. LOL....Here's to another GREAT appointment today!!!!

THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS and if you get a chance, take a look at the new photos of how wonderful I am healing. Click here and please be advised that these are ACTUAL PHOTOS and they are to be viewed at your own discretion.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

~Hats for Amy mystery hat solved~

~MYSTERY HAT SOLVED~I love RHINESTONES, especially Vintage Ones....How was she to know???? And Yo-Yo's are another BIG Collection of mine!!!! TOO DARN CUTE!!!

This Darling Hat was from Ele at A BIT OF PINK HEAVEN.....WOW IS THAT WOMAN TALENTED!!!! You have to see her blog and see the GORGEOUS Altered Art Paper Dolls and other treasures she makes. THANK YOU SO MUCH ELE!!! You are now one of my FAVORITE BLOGS to read!!!! Hugs, ~Amy~