Saturday, June 09, 2007

~~Amy's home!!~~

Hello it's Mary IsabellasCloset. Amy just phoned me at 3:15PM est...She is now at home, how wonderful!!! Each time I talk to her voice gets stronger, she now sounds like the old Amy to me. She says she is resting and doing a lot of sleeping. Her pain is getting better. She said she would love to check her blog and emails but can't just yet. She sends everyone her love and thanks for the thoughts, prayers and cards that were waiting for her when she got home. Also thanks from me for the out pouring of love you have given Amy. She is such a sweetie! Again if anyone needs to email please do so at God bless you all :-} ~Mary

~a laugh from Amy!~ :-}

Hello to all! This is Mary IsabellasCloset Amy's friend. I talked to Amy twice this morning at 6:00AM est. Her voice was stronger and she sounds much better..What a difference a day makes! Her spirits are good. She laughed, I laughed and oh what a great feeling that was!! She said they will know the results of her bone scan on Monday. She is pleased that she will get to come home this afternoon...Thanks again and again to all of you for your emails, comments and prayers. Both Amy and I are so very grateful. Amy truly has such wonderful caring friends!! God bless you all :-} ~Mary~

Friday, June 08, 2007

~more about Amy~

Hello everyone this is Mary from IsabellasCloset Amy's friend. I just got off the phone with Amy at 10:30AM est. She told me she is in so much pain. I feel awful for her and so helpless! We only talked a few minutes. She could hardly speak. They found cancer in 3 of her nodes. Today at 2:00 she goes in for a bone scan. She asked me to please thank everyone for all their thoughts & prayers. If anyone needs to email me please do so at My heart goes out to Amy. I am in tears...She is scared and needs our prayers more then ever. God bless all you wonderful Gals & (Guys too) out there for supporting Amy!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

~I just talked to Amy~

Hello again this is Mary of IsabellasCloset.
It is 9:00 PM est. I just got off the phone with Bob Amy's husband and Amy too.
I was so very shocked to hear Amy's voice!
Her voice was very weak and she said she is in a lot of pain.
Bob said they will know more tomorrow.
It was wonderful hearing Amy's voice.
God bless her! What this dear sweet Gal is going through....
Please continue to keep Amy in your prayers!
Thanks again for all your concern about Amy.
As I know more I will post it :-} ~Mary~

***Amy is out of surgery***

Hello this is Mary from IsabellasCloset.
I wanted you all to know.
Amy is out of surgery.
When I know more I will post it.
Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers for Amy.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

~My Breast Cancer Surgery~


My radical bilateral mastectomy surgery has been scheduled and I have had all my pre-op blood work, paper work, x-rays and all that fun stuff done and out of the way. WHEW!!!! My cancer is already in STAGE II. I will be at St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids Thursday, June 7th with my surgery starting at 1:30 in the afternoon. I have to be there at 10 am to start the work on my lymph nodes and to make sure the cancer hasn't spread to them. I will spend one to two nights there depending on how the surgery goes.

I want to thank EVERYONE for your words of encouragement, cards, flowers, gifts and phone calls. Please forgive me for not getting back to anyone right now as I want to spend this (normal) time with Bob and the kids before my surgery. I WILL WRITE BACK TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU when I feel I can as I have received so many well wishes, prayers and letters of hope..... IT IS AMAZING!!!
Never in my life did I realize how a person can impact others. FOR ALL OF YOU I AM TRULY BLESSED!!!

I am not scared at all.....I want you to know. I just want this cancer out of me and I want to get on with my life. DYING IS NOT AN OPTION as I want to see my kids grow up and I want to become a Grandma someday. I want to retire and travel and see all of this grand place we call the USA!!! I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF TO DO and WAY TOO MUCH TO LIVE FOR!!! Please know, GOD IS GOOD......I have already seen the blessings in my life from my diagnosis just 2 short weeks ago. GOOD COMES FROM EVERYTHING and remember.....BETTER TO HAVE ROUGH DAYS, THAN TO HAVE NO DAYS!!! It was one year ago this weekend that my Dad started to die from cancer......he was in ICU for most of his last days until we took him home and he passed with all of us there. I think of him so much with what is going on with me and I am thankful he is no longer suffering and is in a better place. I am more worried for my family and friends than I am for myself as it's still so raw with what we went through with my Dad last summer.

I am strong.....I always have been and like I have said through all of my trials and tribulations...."God hasn't failed me yet, why would he start now???"
My heartfelt thank you, love and hugs,

This is the day that the Lord hath made,rejoice! and be glad therein! Psalms 118

THANK YOU MOM for these ADORABLE PINK MARY JANE Airwalk shoes from Payless Shoes. They are soooo comfy and they were under $15.00.

This is a picture of my hair taken on my Mom's Birthday last Saturday. I have already been told by the doctor and nurses that the chemo drugs I will be taking is called the HAIR CUT TREATMENT....LOL, I will lose my hair. More on that later....and I am OKAY WITH THAT.....I just want this cancer GONE!!!! And YES, my hair is NATURALLY that curly and thick.....I only have a little bit of leave in conditioner in it so it doesn't fly away. The girls and I have big plans for when it starts to fall out and of course, I will keep you updated.

On a footnote, my entire right shoulder, breast and arm feel like they have been punched a hundred times. It hurts to type on the computer and I look forward to the cancer coming out so I can type comfortably again. For those of you who need my address, I am just going to post it on here for you. 7543 Mt Vernon Road, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403....