Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~Reconstruction Photos~


The pictures were taken last week on November 9th, 2007. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM and PLEASE REMEMBER to view them at your OWN RISK. THESE ARE ACTUAL PHOTOS) I forgot to take pictures of the fill I had in September but these photos are the latest and I am happy with the size. I have 540cc in each breast and they look so perfect that the doctor and I both agreed not to go any bigger as to mess up the evenness of them. He is VERY HAPPY (he even called in all the nurses to show them how AWESOME it has healed and looks and so am I.
On December 3rd I will have my 2nd phase of reconstructive surgery in which he will take out the expander's and replace them with saline solution implants. He will then shape them as needed and begin making nipples. This whole process will take about 2 and a half hours and I should be able to go home that evening. I have to have this done in the hospital because of all my complications with chemotherapy and he doesn't want to take any chances. (Even though he has his own operating area in his office) The coloring of the nipples will not happen until Spring of 2008. So this whole process takes almost a year. WOW!!! I think they look FABULOUS...WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN!!! AND THIS IS ONE SIDE EFFECT of CANCER I CAN HANDLE!!!
Love and Hugs to all of you,

(who's dreaming of a White Christmas)

~Love One Another and More Cancer Side Effects~


I know this is one of the best things to do, yet I am soul searching and reading in my Bible how to be better at this. (any good scripture you know of, please email to me, I so love those positive words!!!)
So, when does it come to a time where one is tired of being the doormat for others (see previous post) and it's REALLY REALLY HARD to love that other person??? I feel guilty for not following those words of "Love One Another" and it lays heavy on my heart. Such a struggle with this for me right now and you would think after all I have been through this would be something that would come so EASILY!!! It's so frustrating at times.
I found out that since I couldn't keep the kids for 5 days during Thanksgiving break so she could go out of state with the flavor of the month that she said, "She using the Cancer Card as an excuse not to take the kids." OUCH....THAT REALLY HURT because she has no idea how tired I get and how I am still trying to heal from all of this. What is really amazing is that she is a nurse at a hospital and I hope to God I never have her as my nurse. One would think there would be some compassion and love there....but I guess not.
I have to keep reminding myself, "GOD HASN'T FAILED ME YET and HE'S NOT GOING TO START NOW!!!"
Yesterday I had to go to the dentist and have ONE of MANY teeth pulled. Chemo has taken it's toll on them and the dentist decided to just pull one to see how well my body healed after taking it out. Since my blood cell count is still low, we need to see how I do. Also, he didn't want to pull them all because I need to be well for my 2nd phase of reconstructive surgery on the 3rd of December. So far, so good, it's very sore and I am taking penicillin for any infection that might come up but I am happy it is out of there and that tooth ache feeling is GONE!!!
It's getting cold here and the wind is blowing like crazy....the radio station has started playing 24/7 Christmas Music and it's a welcomed sound.
Have a great day today and I will try my hardest to keep my glass 1/2 FULL and Love One Another......Hugs, Amy