Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~Don't Forget about the give away~

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Monday, August 27, 2007

~A FUN Vintage GIVEAWAY~Paying it Forward~

~A FUN VINTAGE GIVEAWAY~ FOUR....YES, 4 GIVEAWAYS THIS TIME!!! Everything you see in the above picture is what I am going to give away to four lucky winners. Now thru Labor Day just leave a comment on my blog and I will add your name to the drawing. I will pick four winners late Labor Day evening or first thing Tuesday Morning (depending on how I feel after chemotherapy). Lots of fun stuff for any kind of projects. Read the list below.....HAVE FUN!!!!
BIG Christmas GLITTER POSTCARD TAG, Red MERRY CHRISTMAS WORDS, Reproduction 1800's FRENCH TUDOR ROSES GIFT WRAP, 3 Brown Acorn and Maple Leaf Gift Tags, 1 Grungy Cinnamon and Cloves Star Tag, & 4 Vintage Gold Leaves.
8 Darling Reproduction CHRISTMAS GIRL GARLAND, 1 Foot of Vintage Gold Self Adhesive Rick-Rack, 1 Foot of Vintage Silver Self Adhesive Ribbon Tape, 1 Foot of Vintage Pink Beads, and 5 of the BEST 1935 Symphonies of Brahms and Tschaikowsky in Score MINIATURE Sheet Music. (this stuff is so cool as it is the size of a regular sheet of sheet music, only there is 4 scores on each page. PERFECT for making cards, alter art, tags or framing.
1 Reproduction Catherine Klein Mini Print, 3 feet of Vintage White Lacey Package Ribbon, 3 feet of Vintage Silver Lacey Package Ribbon, 3 feet of White Vintage Lacey Package Ribbon and 5 VINTAGE SHEETS from 1916 of CHOPIN'S Works for the Piano!!!!
The picture above is all the vintage items that I got this fun collection from. MY FAVORITES are the MINIATURE Sheet Music and the OLD Pink Beads on the spool.....GOOD LUCK and ENJOY.....Amy

~So Disappointed, BUT Still Honored~

~SO DISAPPOINTED, BUT STILL HONORED~Well darn it, I am so disappointed as we didn't get to go to the Lance Armstrong Presidential Forum as there was too much red tape involved and it just wasn't going to happen. I am really bummed out but they did thank us for being so accommodating and willing. Oh well, maybe next time....And it really was an HONOR TO EVEN BE ASKED in the first place. So that's pretty cool!!!!

On a POSITIVE NOTE, My Sweet Oncologist, Dr. Ghosh, was able to have lunch with Lance and speak with him then, I even seen them together on the news, so that's pretty cool. I will get the whole story when I go in on Wednesday for my next blood work, check up and chemo treatment.

If you can, please pray that my head cold that I am getting goes away and that the water I am retaining also floats away because I don't want to take any more drugs....I am pretty sick of that part of all of this. WHEW!!!!

It's been nice having the kids back in school however, I haven't done a thing. I am still sleeping whenever I can, which is most of the day....LOL. Other than that...just think....after Wednesday...ONLY 2 MORE TREATMENTS!!!! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE????

Is anyone in the FALL/WINTER MOOD YET???
I am going to have a FREE GIVEAWAY TOMORROW to kick off the FALL SEASON!!!

Love and Hugs to ALL OF YOU and I can't wait to give something away, Amy