Tuesday, August 12, 2008


QUICK....get over to Pat's, from the URBAN CHIC as she is having a BIRTHDAY Giveaway...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!!!!
Ends Friday.....Hugs and Love, Amy


"PEACEMAKERS" "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God" Matthew 5:9

This bible verse was sent to me today from a dear friend and when I read it, it gave me chills as it was 1 of 3 verses my Dad had written with his obituary.

We were talking of Kristi and how scared I am for her and how she dropped on me yesterday that she really signed up for 8...YES EIGHT YEARS!!!! Not 6, like she originally told me.

I am hanging in there and I got to thinking in the past few days....a couple things of why I am taking this so hard.....

#1.....I know, from the root of my being, how terrible it feels, and what it does to your heart and mind, to be STUCK, in a place, where you have NO OUT. No, options, feeling cornered, feeling helpless with your situation. I don't ever want her to be in that place and I am concerned about 8 years of a commitment to the military for her.

#2......At least with my cancer, I COULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! With Kristi being 18, not really realizing what she is getting herself into, me being a military wife for 12 years (and being intimidated by the whole thing in the first several years....and I was only the wife...I wasn't even enlisted...LOL), there is nothing I can do, not now, not later, not ever. I just feel so helpless.

Believe it or not, I was able to get 2 coats of RED PAINT on my front door of my shop, yesterday....it's all I got done. My get up and go, has gone up and went with this whole thing.....THIS TOO, SHALL PASS.....and I will accept it alittle more everyday.

Kristi will be there for 5 months and I plan on driving down to see her (this will be after basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina). IF SO, I would love to meet for coffee, tea or food!!!!
MAKE IT A GREAT DAY TODAY......the girls will all be here tonight and plan on spending the night....I know we will be up late eating food, laughing and talking...


(PS.....I have added the pretty graphics below....please feel free to take them)



Sunday, August 10, 2008


Nothing but a blurb today on my post. I am working on marking everything in the shop in hopes of opening to the public in September. I am having so much fun making each tag and getting ready.

Below is just a sneak peek of what's coming next on the website. This is one of my views from where I sit and talk with all of you. Coming in here makes me HAPPY and I look forward to it changing as the treasures leave and go to their new loving homes.

Uncle Duane's Funeral Service was very nice. I held it together until the 21 gun salute and the lone bugle guard played "TAPS". I lost it as I think everyone else did too.

On a HAPPIER NOTE, Have a great day today, I am going to PAINT my FRONT SHOP DOOR in a PATRIOTIC RED, if the rain holds off today, I would like to get that done too. (in between all the company I have coming today)

Hugs and Love, Amy