Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why Do I LOVE Linens

I'm not at all sure what it is about old linens, fabric and textiles that make my heart go pitter-patter. I'm not at all sure why every time I see one, it catches my eye and makes me think of all the wonderful things that it could be made into.
Is it the COLORS? Is it that it has SURVIVED all these years, uncut, unaltered, unfinished just begging to come home with me and made into something gorgeous? Or is it that I FEEL THE NEED to have it passed onto someone else that will give it a good home and see it's potential like I did? Who knows, all I know is that I should learn to sew, I should learn to turn these pieces of the past into something BRILLIANT! I know I can do it, it's in my blood. My Mother, is an accomplished seamstress, sewing for some of the most influential people in our town. She sewed all of our clothes growing up. My Grandmother and all of my aunt sew. I just can seem to get up the courage to begin. It is my goal this year to give it a try. My 14 year old daughter has learned to sew in the last 6 months and I am amazed at what she is making. Oh, to learn to sew....IT MAKES ME A BIT NERVOUS because I am afraid I might end up LOVING the old stuff even more.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Day Work Day

Nothing is better than a SNOW DAY turned into a WORK DAY of decorating. I had so much fun unpacking boxes of treasures and redoing my entire downstairs. I turned it into my own space, my own DARLING COTTAGE. I LOVE IT and will be using it of course to not only showcase all of my collections, but also display my treasures I am selling.


Hello, My name is Amy and I am the Mom of the Four Sisters. I have been collecting since the age of 17 with buying my first 2 treasures being a 1930's composition baby
doll and a 1920's black and white girl on a horse photograph. I have been hooked
ever since and of course it helped that my Mom has collected antiques and
vintage items since I was born. The name "FourSistersInACottage" came from the
day my girls and I were sitting around trying to think of a new name for Amy's
Antiques and Collectibles. I was tired of that old name (I have been selling in
antique shops and even owned my own for awhile, since 1991) and I wanted
something sweet to reflect more of who I was. My oldest daughter suggested we
call it Four Sisters In A Cottage because I have 4 girls and we lived in an
1870's Cottage Home. HOW PERFECT was that? SO THAT is how the name was born!!!

Most of my treasures are vintage or have led a past life (unless otherwise noted) .
Therefore, a few minor imperfections are to be expected, only adding to the
historical character, charm and beauty of each piece. If you are like me, I love this type of decor, tend to favor it and become quite fond of it. I try my best to describe and photograph items as accurately as I can and will bring to your attention any major flaws. You may feel confident in knowing I will not offer you anything that I would not feel proud to display in my own home. I will gladly provide you with customers that have enjoyed buying from me and are completely satisfied. You will also notice that my eBay feedback speaks for itself. I have more transactions than customers which indicated many HAPPY RETURNING buyers!!!

I am always happy to help you "find" that treasure you are looking for as I
probably already have it or will find it for you. Don't hesitate to email me and