Tuesday, December 18, 2007


MY 1st BAD HAIR DAY as I woke up this morning and took a quick glance in the mirror, I declared I was having my very 1st BAD HAIR DAY in which I smiled ever so happily!!!
If you look right above my ear, you will see that my hair is all tuffed upwards and it won't lay down unless I wash my hair again. OOOOO isn't that the COOLEST??? Sure makes me happy!!!!
On another note. Late Sunday evening I wasn't feeling so good and I thought I might be getting the strep throat that Maddi had last week. I have this 3 day rule as if you are still sick after 3 days, then we go to the doctors. Well, I was a bit scared because of having just come off of all those chemo treatments and just having surgery 2 weeks ago so we called the doctor.
They said I needed to come in immediately because being through all that I have been through it's not a good idea to wait. Well, guess what.....
I have been giving Azithromycin and if I am not better in 3 days I have to go back to the doctors and we will see about a different route in getting me better.
You have no idea how bad it hurts when I cough.....OH MY GOODNESS, from just having that surgery, I feel like my boobs are ripping open at all the incision areas. OWWIE!!!! So, needless to say, I am going back to bed and I won't be posting on the blog until after Christmas. I just need to get myself better.

I WISH YOU ALL A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and We will see you on the 26th!!!
Hugs and Love, Amy

Sunday, December 16, 2007


~8 weeks since my last chemo and my hair is growing FAST!!!!~ YIPPY SKIPPY~
~I'm OKAY~
Surgery went well however it has taken me longer than I thought to feel better. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I am finally able to lift my arms long enough to get onto the computer and type. I had to just turn off the computer because I was too weak to read or answer emails or even post here on the blog. It really sucks not being able to lift and reach!!! I had to have 2 teeth pulled before surgery as they finally CRACKED. On Friday, before my surgery my front tooth finally cracked in half and now I look like a hillbilly and so I will have to have that pulled, hopefully this week. I tell ya, chemo SUCKS!!!
After surgery, I came home and by Thursday, Maddi had strep throat and tonsillitis. NOT FUN.....she was home sick for 6 days in which that time we had a HUGE ICE STORM that left us without power for 28 hours. AND....in the process, left me and Maddi here by ourselves because Bob had to work and we started flooding in the basement and back porch. It was everything I had to lay down towels and keep the water at bay all the while that I was only 7 days post op and I was doing all of this by myself with no power.
Everything is fine now and I am glad the last 2 weeks are OVER!!!
On a POSITIVE NOTE, look at how much my hair has grown since my last chemo treatment.....just 8 weeks ago. Hopefully by summer I will have hair long enough that I can go without wearing a hat or wig.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO SENT HATS, I am still wearing them and enjoying them!!! (and yes, I promise I will get pictures of them posted soon)
I do have some VERY EXCITING NEWS.....Last year I was on my way to see my sweet friend Anna in California, aka MyFlowerBed. Well, I had to cancel my flight due to the fact that I couldn't leave Maddi with whom I had lined up to watch her while I was gone. In the meantime, (EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON), that was the week I found the lump and found out I had breast cancer.
So, I have this airline ticket I need to use otherwise I lose it and WE CAN'T HAVE THAT.....so, I have my flight booked and will be in ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA (Lake Elsinore) Jan 10th thru the 16th.
I AM BEYOND EXCITED and I cannot wait!!!
Anna is working out the details but we would like to meet anyone who is close to Temecula some day while I am there for lunch. ANYONE INTERESTED??? It will be a FUN TIME HAD BY ALL!!!

And on that totally fun and positive note....I wish all of you a HAPPY HAPPY NEW WEEK!!! Christmas will be here before we know it....
All my Love, Amy