Thursday, January 22, 2009

~SUSAN needs our PRAYERS~Breast cancer~

My sweet friend Susan from EmmaStreetChic needs our prayers!!!! She has Breast Cancer My sweet friend Susan in California needs prayers immediately. You see, I talked to Susan last night on the phone and they have moved her surgery date to TOMORROW. She has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it looks like she will have to have chemo and radiation both. Susan wrote to me every week via snail mail when I was going thru my cancer battle. I just cannot believe that this UGLY CANCER has hit yet another one of my friends. Please pray for her and if you want to drop her a line (she doesn't have a blog yet, but I know lots of you have bought from her on ebay under the name of EmmaStreetChic) here is her email address:
SUSAN'S Email Address
If you can, please add her to your prayers. I will keep you updated!!!
We're all pulling for you Susan, Love and Hugs, Amy


savvycityfarmer said...

Oh Father, this is a daughter of yours...hold her, heal her, help her through these tough days.
In the name of Jesus amen

a Pocket Angel said...

I've known Susan through eBay and she's such a sweetheart! My heart goes out to her, I'm pulling for her.
How sad it is that yet another of our friends is having to deal with this UGLY breast cancer. I screamed out "oh no not again!" when I found out...
My thoughts and prayers are with Susan, I hope all goes well with her surgery today.
She will continue to be in my prayers.
Hugs & much love to Susan & you.
Thanks so much for adding this post to your blog for her.
~Mary~ :-}

Deb said...

Sent Susan prayers via email. I'm a 5 year, stage IV breast cancer survivor and so sad to hear that another woman needs to go through this. Found your blog via google alerts and it's weird cause I just moved from IA back to MA!

Great blog.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Of COURSE you can count on my prayers. Too often we mistakenly think praying is all we can do! It is the MOST we can do. It will be an honor to lift up this beautiful lady.

Love your BLOG by the way! Truly wonderful!



SweetAnnee said...

Amy..I sent her an email
I hope to hear how she's doing
Love ya