Saturday, September 06, 2008


WOW WEE!!!! Beyond My Wildest Dreams!!!!
My Grand Opening was a HUGE SUCCESS and I am so thrilled!!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE MY DAY SO SPECIAL!!!


I made the sacks myself and my dear sweet friend "colored" them in for me!!!! I made Chocolate Pudding Bundt Cake, Buttercream and Chocolate Cupcakes and Pink Roses Cream Cheese Mints. I had a blast and both Tuesday and Thursday were AWESOME!!!

I am in a bit of a daze and it still seems so surreal. THANK YOU EVERYONE for making my DREAM COME TRUE!!!
I will be busy this weekend re-doing the entire shop for fall and getting ready for Kristi's Goodbye Open House on Sunday. I am also working on the website and will let all of you know when that is ready.

(on a footnote, the pain in my back, legs and feet are so bad they had to prescribe a "controlled substance" and I go in on Monday for another epidural spine shot of 2 kinds of steroids. Please pray that this one works, and works for a LONG LONG TIME!!!
Love and Hugs, Amy


Dawn Marie said...

beautiful things! your an inspiring woman and I loved your pictures.

Becky said...

Congrats Amy. I sure wish I lived close by so I could have come and been there.
I am sorry that you are still in so much pain. I will continue to pray for you.
Hugs and Love

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

YAY Amy....
I am so happy for you!
It will only get better from here!
Once the word gets out you will be a huge success!

I am so sorry to hear about your back pains!
Hubby gets an epidural rhizotomy every 6 months! {sp?}
It helps ease the pain a little bit!

Your shop looks wonderful...and the bags are too sweet!


Joyce said...

Oh dear Amy~ I sit here with tears in my eyes.... you are such an inspiration! I can't help but think of that old commercial "you've come a long way baby"! You are just incredible! I am praying for your quick and permanent pain relief, and your continued sucess and nothing but Blessings for you always {{{{hugs}}}}

Rochelle R. said...

The shop looks fabulous, the bags are such a nice touch. You are inspiring that you can do so much while in cronic pain. I hope you will find relief soon.

Terri said...

Your shop looks divine! Congrats and lots of sales. Be sure to let us know when you open your site. I really love the wire basket you show in your seventh pic!
Hope your shots and controlled substance work. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Terri

Betty said...

I'm so glad you shop opening was a success! You deserve it! I hope you get some relief from that pain soon too!!


Hi Amy,
Your shop looks wonderful and I should come visit you?? It's only a 4 hour drive, right??
I will pray that the shot last and last and last..just like you asked. Oh a little rhyme :)
Please show pictures of the shop dressed in Fall. I's love to see that :)
Get some rest .. :)
Warmly, Deb :)

Anonymous said...

Your shop looks BEAUTIFUL! How fortunate you are to have family supporting your dream.

Those bags are awesome, too.


Judy said...

OMG Amy, what a fun time and I'm so glad you did well. I'm so sorry about your back. Mine has been killing me to and I'm so sick of the pain all the time. I haven't resorted to shots yet though. Good luck and I hope it helps.

savvycityfarmer said...

I can see why you are so excited about your dream...You look great!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and your love notes to me and my family....I am slowly eking my way back to some of my favorite things like staying connected to all of my wonderful friends here in the blogging world. God bless you for being so faithful.xoxoxoxo

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Sweet Friend! When is Kristy's party? Was it today? I pray all goes well for her and YOU!

Congrats on a successful open house. Any cupcakes left? yeh, like I need one! haha. You have such cute things to sell and I am not surprised that you had plenty of friends flocking to your home. How fun!!

Hey, you get some REST! You know I so know what you are going through. Have the doc get you a TENS unit. I use mine everyday and it works wonders!

love you,

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE it was a huge success - you were DESTINED for greatness! :)

p.s. LOVE the bags!


Lallee said...

Amy, well wow girl!!!!! Your shop looks divine. How I would love to see it in person. Your shopping bags are so adorable. Great job and I wish you success. I'll be at the Sunday party in spirit wishing Kristi a warm send off and thank you.

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Amy, Congrats on your "Grand Opening". So glad to hear it was a huge success! Keeping shop is such playing house. Your displays are beautiful.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Blessings, Shelley

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Amy ~ Congratulations on your grand opening !!! Your shop looks sooo wonderful !! I just have to come see it sometime ~
hugs girlfriend !!

Unknown said...

CONGRATS! That is so wonderful that your shop is looks just wonderful!

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, what a beautiful inviting shop. Oh how I would love to come and I'm so happy it was a super success---how could it not be with your positive energy. I finally gave into the shots and epedurams and I don't regret it---keeping me off schedule 3 drugs so far and surgery. Hope you feel better soon. Rest that back---it could be just over worked. Love and Hugs, Pat

Amy said...

I think your shop is super duper. Your bags are so cute.

Linda said...

Congrats on your big opening, your shop looks lovely.
Cheers Linda

SweetAnnee said...

Wonderful, wonderful..I am so HAPPY for you..

but I am concerned about your pain..I will email you or call ya.
love ya dear..Deena

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Oh Amy!!!! It all looks so WONDERFUL! I'm thrilled for you!

I hope you're feeling better now; I saw this post rather late.