Tuesday, June 19, 2007


~TO CROCHET OR KNIT.....HMMMMMM, I NEED YOUR HELP~ The girls and I have decided that we want to learn to make HATS for me (and them too) since I was told today, I WILL LOSE ALL OF MY HAIR. (more about my appointment in the next post)
So, which is easier, to crochet or to knit AND.....which looks better, crocheted hats or knitted hats. I will need some for the winter (Iowa gets below zero) and if we can pull this off I would love to make quite a few because I like to match my outfits with my shoes, hats, gloves, you get the picture....LOL

Also, any tips on books, patterns and yarn???? I have no clue as we are the blind leading the blind in this new adventure.

Please drop me a line as I will be waiting anxiously to hear from you.

Hugs to all of you.....Amy (My appointment went GREAT today until I saw the Chemotherapy room.....I had a MAJOR MELTDOWN...I will post all about it Tuesday)



Hiya Amy, we dont really know each other but i have been following your progress. You have all the meltdowns you like girl! My husband is in remission from Hodgekins and i remember the meltdowns vivildy. Now, the Chemo room....I sat with my husband for hours while he was having chemo and i was always so amazed and inspired by the brave people sitting there receiving treatment. I am sure that someone will be sitting there thinking the very same about you :)
You wear the pinkest and happiest hats you can make and you know what, wear a Tiara too because girl YOU DESERVE IT !

All the very best,
Shannon xo

Anonymous said...

Oh Shannon has the right idea. You need to make you and the girls Tiara's.
I can't knit, so I would have to say crochet. When my sister went through her chemo, I crocheted her a chemo wig. Hold on, let me see if I can find the site, they have all different kinds of chemo hats to make.
We also just bought her some denim bucket hats and adorned them with all the angel pins we could find.

carole said...

Hi Amy:
I know your Mom is going to sew you & the girls some cute hats : )
Since I am not a crocheter or knitter I have no patterns but I will look around out here.
Take care Honi
Love & Big Hugs

She'sSewPretty said...

Learn to crochet. It's so easy and it can be soothing too. I'll ask my daughter to find some patterns for you. she crochets beautifully. I just do basic crochet. Hang in there! big Hugs!

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Hi Amy,
You don't know me yet, either... My momma is She's So Pretty and I just started my blog... I'll be saying lots of prayers for you! Now, on the hat making front, I personally like crocheting more, but that's because I never learned how to fix knitting if you make a mistake, crocheting is much simpler to fix... I'll look around at home for some patterns for you!

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Hi Amy, you don't really know me either, but my momma (she's sew pretty) has been telling me about you, and now since I have a blog I can send you prayers through blogland :) About crochet/knit, I personally like crocheting because it is faster and easier to fix if you make a mistake... I'll look around at home for some patterns later!

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, wish I would have kept my crochet books to send to you. Are there any particular colors you would be interested in?????
You are officially intitled to all the meltdowns you need. Hugs, Pat

Lallee said...

I think crocheting is much easier to learn and the project goes faster. I don't have any patterns. I haven't ever made a hat, but I would like to. Can't wait to check out any links that are shared. Can't wait to see what you create!