Friday, February 13, 2009


I know a lot of you are wondering how I am doing and what I look like....I feel like crap, the medicine has had me vomiting, and yes, I am eating with the medicine so I haven't had any pain meds since last night at 10pm. They are making me too sick and making me feel like I have the flu.
I have pictures on my website, just click here to see them but remember, they are GRAPHIC and are not for the faint of heart.

The doctor said I had so much bleeding from the implants being capsulized that he had to stop cauterizing because it was burning me too much. He closed me up and "vacuum sealed" me. CRAZY HUH????

GROSSES ME OUT to tell you the truth and PLEASE anyone out there wondering if they should get implants after breast cancer. DON'T DO IT!!!! If I can help ONE PERSON out there with all of this, then I have done my job. Doc sent my implants and some tissue to pathology and that should all be a-okay and we will find out for sure on Monday.

Happy Valentine's Day and Weekend, Amy
(PS....feel free to take the Valentine Day Graphic)


Iowa Gal said...

Oh Honey you look so sore. You have been through soooooooooo much these last years that I hope and pray that the coming months will be better. Wish I lived closer so I could help out but you are on one side of Iowa and I'm on the other. .....JAN

IsabellasCloset said...

Amy, Oh you poor thing.. thanks for the photos.
I've been sitting here thinking about you & Deena "Can I Be Pretty In Pink?".. no one should ever have to go through all the pain and suffering you two have gone through. You have no idea how upset I get thinking about you Gals.. I'm in tears right now.
I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you will be feeling like the old happy Amy again real soon.
God bless you!
Soft hugs & much love my dear friend! ~Mary~

Connie said...

Oooohmygosh, Amy, I wish you well, honey!!! That is a horrible experience to have to have gone through. I'm one of those women who "would never ever NEED" implants but even if I did I doubt seriously if I'd get them.

I think of all our troops all the time and wish them well and pray for them regularly, sweetpea. You give that soldier of yours a smooch and a hug when ya see her. In the meantime, include on in all your letters or emails to her. She's a hero to this family........


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

HI sweet and precious Amy ~
I am so sorry that you are going through this !! I am so proud of you for being a voice out there for the real things that survivors go through ~
I am praying for your sweet friend ~

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I am just so sorry for all you are still having to go through. I hope after this part of it is behind you that you will finally start getting your health back & feeling alot better.Thank you a million times for letting us share this with you & making us more aware of what breast cancer is all about.

Take care & Happy Valentines Day to you & I am sending you lots of love, hugs & prayers Amy & for your sweet daughter Kristi. So sorry she is going through this rough time. She is finding her way in the world but I hope one day it will bring her back home to you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy, thank you for sharing the words of warning about implants! What a nightmare and I am sorry you have had to experience it on top of everything else. I am with you...hoping and praying for recovery and better health. Love you, Sheri

victorian said...

I came to check on you and am so sorry you are having to go through this. I am praying for a quick recovery. You are such a courageous woman and I know you are helping women who are facing the same decisions.
Sweety pie, I hope you are feeling better soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love you,

Jillian said...

Hi Amy...

SO sorry to hear you have had to endure more suffering. Hope you are feeling better soon and you can put this all behind you as you heal now. Great too for you to be a witness of what not to do and you may be able to help others.

There is GOOD NEWS today ...


Hope this helps slightly during this awful time of pain.

I'll just need your address. Just reply to this comment and it should go to my email address.

Get well, honey! Happy Valentine's Day.


Counting Your Blessings said...

Aw Amy, I'm so sorry that you've got to deal with this! Know that we're all praying blessings on you for how you've shared with us. Valentines hugs, Polly

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, it hurts to know that you are in so much pain, but I for one would not get implants. My aunt had them done in 1977 and she still suffers today, but won't have them removed. I am hoping to have mine reduced this year and get rid of a lot of the cysts that I have. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery. Happy Valentines Day and best wishes for Kristi. I know how you feel about having your daughter so far away--it's a helpless feeling. She is our hero. Love and Hugs, Pat

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh Sweetie looking at those photos makes my heart ache for you. You've been through so much and this part just seems like unfair icing on top. I'm glad that the surgery is behind you and I am praying for Godspeed in your recovery. There are better days to come.

Gentle hugs,

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh Sweetie looking at those photos makes my heart ache for you. You've been through so much and this part just seems like unfair icing on top. I'm glad that the surgery is behind you and I am praying for Godspeed in your recovery. There are better days to come.

Gentle hugs,


WOW** Amy,
Those are some photos..OUCH...!!!
Now on to feeling better and living life like you want to!!

Recycled Rita said...

Uggh! That is all I can say! You have gone thru enough and now this??? I am so sorry and will say a little prayer that you will heal quickly and that Kristi will also!

Joyce said...

Oh my goodness gracious. I dont' know what to say. I was hesitant to look at your website with the photo's, but am glad I did. My heart goes out to you. I cannot imagine. You are one incredible person to share this. I am sure your pure honesty will help more than one person. I will never forget this. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Susan said...

I'm glad you have the courage to post about what really happens with breast cancer and implants and all of that. I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon. Lots of love and hugs to you!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Bless your heart, Amy. I knew it would be painful. My aunt had the reconstructive surgery & it was worse than the masectomy. Feel better soon, sweets.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Mary said...

Get well soon!! At least the worst is over for you and you got rid of the cancer! Now you are on the road to recovery...(((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I wish each one of us could take a little bit of your pain then you would be eased... I PRAY for your recovery with no more pain or discomfort.
Love in God for you!

Amy said...

Amy I am so glad your surgery is done. Try not to worry too much about your daughter. I know that is so easy to say, but there are many people praying for you both!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Amy
I can so feel your pain..and not being able to lift your arms..lay in the bed.. ouch ouch ouch

The removal looks so painful..I'm so praying for you honey.

I AGREE..I had the TRAM FLAP and it's not implants but I would NOT do it ..knowing what
I know now..

Thanks for sharing..I still hurt from my surgery over a year ago.

love ya

The Crow said...

You are courageous, a trait I greatly admire. I have to go in soon for my annual exam. I've already told my daughter that if they ever find cancer in one breast, I want them to take both.

Because of your bravery, at least I won't be shocked by what that will look like for me, if surgery becomes necessary.

God bless and keep you.


Anonymous said...

Amy, you are so brave. Thank you for sharing your journey. I'll be praying for you. Cheryl in California