Friday, October 17, 2008

~Kristi HASN'T received ANY MAIL~Can YOU write to her?~

Oh, where do I start~!!!!! I just got a letter from my Kristi girl in Army Basic Training with the first line reading....Hey Mom, so, I haven't gotten any letters yet (with a BIG FROWNY FACE) but I'm keeping my HEAD UP (with an arrow pointing up) My battle buddy shares her mail with me.
TALK ABOUT RIPPING MY GUTS OUT HERE....I HAVE BEEN WRITING, I HAVE BEEN WRITING EVERY DAY.....I am so upset and crying and I can only imagine how my little girl feels right now, she's probably thinking everyone has abandoned her. I am so I am going to get to the bottom of this.If anyone would like to write, here is her address:
E1, O’NEILL, Kristine
A Co 2/60th INF REGT
BLDG 11000
PS….Please be sure to write a big #2 on the BACK of the envelope
SHE IS AT THE TOP OF HER CLASS OF 58 GUYS and GIRLS!!!! I am SOOOO PROUD OF HER.... Bob is calling around and I have called the Red Cross to see if we can find out why she isn't getting her letters. The Chaplin seems to be the way to go....we have a message in to the Chaplin there at Fort Jackson and I know it might sound trivial to some of you, but when you are writing your child everyday and they are getting NO MAIL from ANYONE......something is wrong.
Hugs and Love and try to have a great weekend, I will, as soon as I get to the bottom of this....
( of Sunday October 19th, 2008, we found out Kristi got some of her mail....THANK YOU GOD!!!! Her spirits are UP and it has done wonders for her.....PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!!)


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's just awful. I can imagine how upset you must be.

As soon as you find out what happened, please let us know.

Whoohoo, TOP IN HER CLASS! You must be so proud of her.


Becky said...

My son is in the Army too. I can only imagine how that must feel to her. I will send her a card today.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh Amy! I can't imagine how you must feel. I'm sure Kristi is fine - She's such a strong gal but it breaks a moms heart to know that she wants to hear from home. Pray... she'll know. Ask God to be her family and to let her know that of course there must be problem with the mail. She'll know. ((hugs)) -Polly

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Oh, you must be going NUTS! I wonder what's up with the mail? I hope they can get it figured out.

I'll be sure to get that girl of yours a card in the mail tomorrow!

Lori said...


As you know my son Marc is in the Air Force. When he was in his second and third week of boot camp he literally called home in tears that he had recieved no mail and everyone else did. I cried for days, Iknow how important mail is from home. He never recieved four to five pieces of mail. He does get every box or letter now. But I will never forget the pain I heard in his voice. If only he could now get the proper medical treatment! He has been on X-ray two months and still has not begun his training. Six doctors and no results! Now he has such pains in his stomach from stress. We have no idea if they will release him, re-assign him a new job or what. Over three months of haging in the lurches and now wondering if he'll be home for the holidays or not. I cry everyday when I look at his graduation picture. He wanted this so bad and it has turned out horrible. Take care, love, Lori

Lisa said...

I'm sure the mail is slow right now because of the war and they are trying to screen everything that comes and goes within the base. I happen to live within ten minutes of Fort Jackson. I would be more than happy to take a care package to your baby for you. I can't imagine my child being away from home and feeling alone. Just say the word. My email address is

Joelle said...

WOW! I just found you on Lollishops tonight, pop on over to your blog & im crying! see what just WORDS can do. I haven't even met you yet. I can't even imagine what your going through.Im sooo sad & upset for you & everyone that goes through this all & then to worry about your daughter.(& dad & uncle)Im sorry, what a lot for one human to deal with.You and your family will always be in our prayers.Thank you for sharing all this. I understand your wanting to just move forward but YOU are helping so many more. You have a voice, you are blogging & have talent so God must be using you for something great??? anyways... OHHH I Love Deena! What a wonderful human being. She is so talented and so beautiful. I haven't been to her blog in soooooo long. I left blog world for about 8 months for alot of reasons & (my stresses seem little now) ( had 5th baby too) anyways.........To pop on in over here from Lollishops read all about this, remember beautiful Deena & THEN.................Your Daughter is in my backyard! I can Yell to her to see if she is home for you!
(well not really yell) but I can hear them shoot, march, yell, and I said sing but my husband said NOOOOO their not singing. ; ) ooops. anyways, Im right here too. We can bring her some cookies, or whatever she likes. Just let me know.Im here in Columbia sc.Please let me know what I can do to help.
Im off to finish reading & checking out your sites!
It all looks so wonderful!
Best Wishes sweetie!
Glad to have you
with us all at LOLLISHOPS!
Joelle XO