Sunday, September 02, 2007

~4th Chemo Kickin' My Butt~

A quick note (as I am up from yet another HOT FLASH and NIGHT SWEATS) This fourth chemo treatment is very very tiresome, it is kickin my butt and I have never felt this TIRED IN MY LIFE...not even after giving child birth. They told me this might happen and I feel like I am in a totally different world. You know when you walk out of the dark movie theater and everything is bright and sunny and just off....well, that is how I have felt since I got home Wednesday from chemo. I am very light headed and weak and all I am doing is sleeping.

Hang in there with me, I will answer every one's emails sometime tomorrow and please know, we tried this entire 4th treatment without any kids and it's been the BEST THING FOR ME!!!
I am on 3 NEW different medicines to see if we can keep me out of the hospital...YIPPY SKIPPY!!!
Until Tomorrow (well, I guess it is tomorrow but, I am going back to bed, yet again)
Hugs and Love, Amy


Mary said...

Hang in there Sweet Lady, Get some rest...Big Hugs and Special Prayers for staying at home this weekend :)

Alison Gibbs said...

You hang in there Amy. Take care. My thoughts are with you.

Arlene said...

My prayers are with you, you've come so far, keep your chin up, you are an inspiration to us all! Rest rest and more rest!
Hugs to you!

Missy said...

Hi, Amy! Just rest and hopefully with the new meds you won't need to go near the hospital! And you are so much closer to being over this ordeal now. Soon it will be a new year of total health (and happiness) for you! Please let Karen or I know if you need anything we can help you with - you never use us for anything - LOL!!! ~~~ Love, Missy

Judy said...

You are doing great and I am so proud of you. You are always in my thoughts. Lots of love and hugs for your day!!

ellen said...

I hope that today finds you feeling much, much better. Take care..good thoughts coming your way.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Amy ~ Hang in there sweet thing !! I am sorry that you feel so bad !! That just stinks big time !!! It will be a joyous day when you are all healthy again!! You are on your way though ~
Lots of hugs and prayers !!!

carole said...

Amy Darlin:
Rest and relax and just get better. You are missed and I will be the happiest (next to Mary) when you are up and about again!!!
Big Love & Hugs

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh, Father, we know how much you love her. We know you don't want your children to hurt. Lift this burden and give her full health and overflowing joy. -amen-

Nancy said...

Kiddo, You only have 2 left! And then everything will look bright and sunny. I look forward to getting my Amy back. I miss you. Life is not the same without you in it. I can't wait!!! I am going to have a party when you are done with this. Yep, me and each one of my friends, Jose Curevo, Captain Morgan and most of all Mr Baily. Then I am going to call you and we are going to have one of our kick ass discussions about life and how we are never doing this part of it again.
I love you dearly. Take care sweetie

Lee-ann said...

Amy you hang in there dear lady!!!

Rest and take one day at a time knowing the end result will be health & wellbeing........prayers come to you from around this side of the world.


Sweet Remembrance said...

Amy...I have been thinking of you! Hope your feeling better & getting pleanty of rest! Take care...

Stephanie said...

Well, it really stinks that you feel so yucky right now, but you will come out of this kicking it right back!! Please rest lots & feel real better soon!

Special Hugs & Prayers,
Angelic Accents