Sunday, July 22, 2007


I wanted to let everyone know that as I found out about the "HATS FOR AMY" not only was it Becca who started the ball rolling but ALSO MARY ROSE from ISABELLASCLOSET . Mary, you have been the MOST INCREDIBLE FRIEND anyone could ever have. Your constant concern, prayers, laughter and genuine love for me has made me want to be more like YOU!!! Even though we have never met face to face, I feel that our friendship was meant to be. YOU WILL FOREVER HAVE A SPOT IN MY HEART!!! I love you girlfriend and no words can express how happy I am that God put you in my life and that you are part of my world!!!! YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!! BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!! ~Amy~


carole said...

Hi Amy:
I am glad you found out about "behind the scenes" Mary!
She is the ultimate friend, Gramma, and artist.
She gives a lot to all of us!!!
Big Hugs

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oh yes, a BIG thank you to Mary!! I approached Mary when I first had the idea, because I knew that you and she were friends, and I kind of wanted her "okay" for the idea. She was a great encouragement during this, and helped me gather the names to contact, and stayed in touch with me throughout ~ definitely my "partner in crime" ;)
Thank you, Mary, you are a sweetheart and a blessing! Amy, I know that Mary thinks the world of you too!! You are both very special!!

IsabellasCloset said...

Amy, A huge THANK YOU for all your kind words, what a sweetheart you are!! Wish I could do so much more for you.
Girlfriend we do love to go on & on & laugh a lot when we talk. You can be so silly at times. I so enjoy that about you!
Oh my gosh PLEASE do not want to be like me. I get so depressed at times. You on the other hand just have the best attitude (almost) all the time. You need to keep that up to get yourself better. Wish I was like you my dear. You are a TRUE roll model!XOXOXO

Carole, Oh my gosh you are always saying the sweetest things. You are such a doll. I love you too! I wished you lived next door. You always make me laugh. Thanks!

Becca, Thank you! but you did most of the work on "Hats for Amy". You thought up the great idea! You have no idea how hard it was me not telling Amy. You are so kind.
I love you Gals!! ~Mary~

quiltdoggie said...

What a wonderful friend you have in Mary, AMY ~ such a treasure. . . . and Becca, too ~ I can't wait to see all of our hats, when you're feeling well enough, of course! HOpe you are feeling well today.

cityfarmer said...

Yes, this girl certaily deserves hats off...she has gone above and beyond the call of duty and her reward is in heaven....

quiltdoggie said...

Whoopsie * typo * I meant YOUR hats :) not OUR hats * duh!! xoxoxo

cityfarmer said...

Amy....may I please "borrow" the three lines in your ebay discalimers about the minor imperfections and their charm?
I thought it was worded so beautifully and I sell only vintage on my ebay page.
Thanks, cityfarmer

FourSistersInACottage said...

Anyone can "borrow" anything they would like from me!!!
It's free for the taking, and if I have something right clicked, just email me and I will give it to you!!!
Hugs, Amy
(Who is tired, tired, tired....)

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, you are such a sweetheart. I have been really depressed for a couple of weeks, but all I need to do is come here and draw from your spirit and spunk. Glad you are loving the hats. Hugs,Pat