Saturday, July 28, 2007




WOW....the medication they gave me is not only taking the pain away but it puts me to sleep!!! I have no idea where the last day and a half went and I am already to go back to bed. I am on a liquid diet because not only is it painful to my mouth but it hurts my teeth to chew. I can't talk much and my lips and corners of my mouth have a constant coating of Burt's Bee's Lip Balm on them.

I do have a confession, pretty much since my last chemo.....I have been burning both ends of the candle and now I am paying for it. I have been driving, doing laundry, going to Wal-mart and stuff like that, (Bob and I took the kids fishing Monday and I LOVED IT) and well, I'M NOT SUPPOSE TO BE doing that after chemo. (I thought the doctor said keep up like normal but like both Bob and Kristi said to me, normal to you is not normal to everyone else)
SO.....Amy is going to be a good girl and listen to everyone around me and if I can make it thru this weekend and get to the doctors at 8am Monday Morning to have blood work done and see where my levels are at, I will be in good shape. Until then, I am off the computer (BUT MY EMAIL IS WORKING....YEAH) and will be back when I find out what the doctor says on Monday.
Hard to keep a good girl down....especially this one.....I just don't want to miss anything.

Have a FUN WEEKEND FOR ME!!!! Hugs, Amy


Genevieve Olsen said...

I saw the truck!!! It was huge!Hehe!
Take it easy if you can I know it is hard to do that! Take care of yourself and I will "see" you soon!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Amy ~ I just feel at a loss for words right now ~ I am so sorry that you are feeling so lousy !!! It just must be the worst ! I will pray for you alot that you will feel better soon and that all of those nasty sores go away ~
hugs !

Stephanie said...

Hi, Amy! Yep, it was a semi that hit you! But you are strong, & it is hard to keep a good girl down, so you will make it.

I'm zooming more prayers your way, especially for your comfort from the nasty sores & mouth pain now, & for a "better than expected" doctor's report on Monday!!

Angelic Accents

Judy said...

I actually heard the truck here in CO and thought Oh NO Amy is not resting again. LOL!! I understand completely. I don't know when to stop either. When my doctor says rest I somehow think it means to do more. I'm cooking today and I won't mention what but I could make you a lovely smoothie for dinner!! REST, REST, AND REST SOMEMORE!!

Lallee said...

Amy, I hurt just thinking about your mouth pain. I'm so glad to hear you've been given something to at least through some of it. When I read what you've been doing I wonder how on earth you had the energy. Very glad to here you are resting. We'll all be here when you get back.


Nancy M. said...

Amy - I hope you are resting up this weekend and getting stronger! That is one thing I remember most about my hubby's chemo days. He would come home and go straight to bed. He did that for days after chemo. Sounds like you need to slooow down girl. Breakfast, lunch AND dinner in bed just might be what you need. :)
Nancy M.

Connie W said...

God bless you, Amy, you are bravely hanging in there. Hugs. Connie W

Anonymous said...

I know you are excited to be up and about and catching up to everything, but please don't overdo it. You need to build up your strength.I've had some pretty nasty mouth pain myself, and I absolutely hate it, you are so brave. Take good care of yourself, many prayers for you.

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Amy,

You have such a pretty blog! I wish you strength and a speedy recovery. I know it's not easy,but with a positive attitude and hope you can't go wrong.

I wish you all the best!
Janet Bernasconi
Janet's Creative Pillows

cityfarmer said...

This, too shall pass!!!
Love to you, friend