Sunday, July 15, 2007

~One Year~July 15th~


It's Been One Year since my Dad passed away. As much as it hurts, I truly believe with everything that I am and as I sit here and breath that God knows what he is doing. Had I not gone thru hearing that my Dad's cancer was too far along, and sitting there for 9 days watching my Dad die of cancer last year, I think I would have handled my breast cancer so differently.

I HAVE A CHANCE, I CAN FIGHT, MY OUTCOME IS FABULOUS, unlike my Dad's. THAT'S WHY I feel the way I do about my breast cancer, that's why I am taking it all in stride, that's why I am not as scared as I was when they basically handed my Dad his death sentence. I miss my Dad so very very much and I am thankful for the time I did have with him. Until I see you again Daddy, I love you.....Amy


carole said...

Amy Darlin:
You bring tears to my eyes. Your Dad is thre helping you to get through all of this. Bless his heart!!!
Love & Hugs

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Sweet Amy, what a beautiful tribute to your dear father!

I told a friend today in church about your situation, and we both agree that all the prayers coming your way are helping you tremendously! said...

I'll bet that your dad would be happy knowing that he was able to give you comfort in this. Taking care of our children is what us parents do - apparently even after we have passed. His experiece has made your experience better and that's the lifelong goal parents have! Even without know, your dad paved the way. Blessings... -Polly

Missy said...

Hi, Amy! What a lovely tribute as you remember your father on this anniversary of his passing. I know how hard this has been on you, and we have shared our thoughts as Karen and I lost our mother about a month after your Dad. I am still tempted to pick up the phone sometimes to tell her something, or I will be somewhere and think how much Mom would have liked something I am doing - even eating a favorite food of hers. The older I get it starts to feel like a lot of the good ones are on the "other side". Your Dad (and Mom) passed on some amazing traits to you. You have handled this whole cancer thing in a way I know I never could have. You are the inspiration to so many of us to keep trying, and no matter how bad things may seem, not to give up the good fight. Thanks for being such an inspiration - your Dad would be so proud!!! ~~~ Love ya, Missy

The Urban Chic said...

Amy that is a beautiful testimonial of your dad. He has given you some great strength and courage.
Now I ask you to keep my sister in your prayers. They found 2 calcifications in her breast and she goes on Wednesday to find out what they are going to do---she thinks a bioposy will be done. I have shared your story with her, so I am hoping it will help her.

IsabellasCloset said...

Amy, My heart goes out to you.. I know what a very sad day it is for you. I understnad.
Your Father must have been such a sweetheart. I know how very much you miss him. Know that he is watching over you.. God bless you both. ~Mary~

Stephanie said...

Amy, having just lost my precious daddy on March 1st of this year to prostate-induced bone cancer, I can so feel your pain & the emptyness that is in your heart. But your daddy is still with you, paving the way for your recovery back to good health, cheering you on from above.

As always, you remain in my thoughts & my prayers. This was such a sweet tribute to your daddy, now go have a wonderful week!

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Solange said...

Amy, What a sad anniversary!
He is still you you, sweetheart....

Lori said...

So Sorry Amy! I know the void left within our heart when our Daddy is gone. Love, Lori

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Amy ~

I can say that I truly know how you feel...and you know I do! It's been a long hard year hasn't it, but you know that your Dad is helping you through your struggle right now! He is surrounding you, comforting you and strengthening you in your heart even though he is gone from this world. I know you miss him as much as I miss mine! You will see him again!