Monday, January 29, 2007

PAY IT FORWARD ~ January 2007

PAY IT FORWARD....ALL THIS....FREE to the 4th person who leaves me a comment in this blog I'm not sure how many of you know this about me, but I have been paying it forward for sometime.
But most recently, since my Dad passed away 6 months ago, it has come to my attention how much MY DAD....PAID IT FORWARD and he didn't even realize it!!! The constant words, letters, and phone calls that I get, of all the inexhaustible giving my Dad did for others, not just those that he knew and loved, but for those he didn't even know, blows my mind at times.
I want to be more like him, I want people to remember me with the memories and the warm feelings he gave unselfishly to those he didn't even know. I want to bring a little smile, a little sunshine, a little faith in people just because I want to be more like him....I want to pay it forward. So, here it is.....The first of many to come....I only ask....that you too, pay it forward to someone else. No one knows I am doing this....I am anxious to see how long it takes everyone to catch on....Amy
WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET.... Faux BUTTER YELLOW ROSES in a Shabby White Terra Cotta Pot, A BEACH COTTAGE BLUE Terra Cotta Pot with a Vintage Victorian Die Cut Girl on the front, a Vintage card of Lansing, IOWA Pearl HEART buttons, an old glass jar full of OLD BUTTONS tied with White Rosebud Ribbon, A Mary Englebreit Spring book CHOCKED FULL OF AWESOME EASY TO DO IDEAS and last but not least....The fabric in the background is a PAIR of ROSEBUD CAFE' CURTAINS that measure 45 inches wide by 32 inches long each.
WHY THE FOURTH PERSON YOU ASK???? Because of the Four Sisters!!!!


lilcottageshoppe said...

Well, would it count if I comment 4 times?? :)
Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful man and you have wonderful memories. Treasure them, I know I treasure every memory of my dad, I miss him and mom so very badly! Mom would have just loved this shabby cottage was right up her alley, she was shabby chic before RA was born!

Lisa said...

Hi. I found your blog after visiting Marys at Isabellascloset and I love it. Very pretty stuff. I'll be sure to visit often!

IsabellasCloset said...

Wow! What a fun is this.. Way to go Girl! I love your blog it's so lovely!.. Good luck to # 4 :-} Looks like I'm #3 LOL..

Leigh Ann said...

Woohoo! Can it be me?? You know I love your stuff, Amy. And I love the "pay it forward" concept.

Cheers! LA

Shabby in the City said...

Might have to do the same over at my honor/memory of my wonderful Daddy.
Why haven't we met before now anywya?

Peta said...

Love this idea, I like to pay it forward too. Never thought to do it on my blog, but you have inspired me. I will have to think about what to offer!