Wednesday, January 19, 2011


~This is my sweet and smart daughter Alli. (Sister #3 of the Four Sisters) She has a new boyfriend Stephen who is also in the Army as a Combat Medic. (shhhh don't tell the girls, but I think Chase and Stephen could be brothers, or is it just that military hair cut?) Alli is leaving in 10 days for Active Duty Army and she too, will become an Army Combat Medic. That means I now how 2 girls in the military. WOW....still trying to get used to that whole idea. She'll do great and who knows, maybe she will get to see Italy and Alaska like she's always dreamed of doing.~

~And this is my sweet and smart daughter, Kristi (Sister #2 of the Four Sisters) with her hubby, Chase, married, living in Florida and both Combat Medics for the Army National Guard.
They are coming home next week to see everyone and say goodbye to Alli. Chase just got back from a long tour overseas in Iraq and Quatar and we are excited to see them both. Kristi worked this summer in St. Croix helping build a hospital with the Army and will be leaving soon for Haiti for the Army~
Hopefully, weather permitting, since Ashley lives 80 miles away, next Thursday, I will have all FOUR SISTERS HERE and take pictures to share with you. It's going to be BITTERSWEET for me, as I will be so happy to have them all together again, but also know, it's going to be a very long time before we are all together again.
It makes me sad just thinking about not having them around. I've been a Mom for almost 24 years and although I know we love seeing them grow up, it's still hard to let them spread their wings and fly. I have done the best I knew how in raising them and only hope and pray that THEY ARE ALL HAPPY, HEALTHY and WISE.
I think it's in their blood.... they have uncles that were in the Army and Marines, and both Grandpa's were in the Army, their dad was in the Air Force, yep, I'm and ex-Air Force Wife.
I just think it's there, in their genetic make-up somehow :)
Just think of all the memories they will have and the chances they will have that we never got.
Love and Hugs, Amy


Anonymous said...

Loved your post...we have pictures of active duty military on our bulletin board at church w/ a pray-for-our-troops.
I will remember your kids when I pray for you.

cottageprims said...

I so appreciate what your beautiful daughters are doing for us.You did a wonderful job teaching them to give back.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Alanna said...

What beautiful daughters, you're so blessed. They are doing amazing things for their country. I hope they all come together next week for you, it will be a special moment I am sure.

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Amy ~ what a beautiful post! I can tell how proud you are of all of your children. What a sacrifice they are making...thank you Amy's kids! (*_*) xo

Sentimentally Me said...

Such wonderful, strong girls you've raised, my friend! They are beautiful, intelligent and making a difference in the world!

So proud of you AND your girls. Enjoy having them all home. Scary how fast the time goes. Hang on to Miss Maddi for dear life! I still do that with my baby, Rachel ~ and she's almost 22 and about to graduate from College!

xoxoxoxoxoxo love ya, gurlie!

xo P

vintagesue said...

how awesome amy!!!!!! i know how much they sacrafice first hand!!! tell them thanks so much for all they do and will do in the future!!!! my husband has 26 years in the army...deployed 6 times...and i've been married to him almost 23 of those years. it takes special folks to go the distance and this country needs those folks!!!!! please give your girls and their spouses my regards. i mean it!!! you obviously are a rocking mom to raise girls that are so strong. rock on to you all!!!!!!

The Attic Girls said...

You must be so proud..what great girls you have raised!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

So wonderful to see such strong and brave young people representing our country.

Ornaments by Pink said...

Amy, I so enjoyed reading about your family. You must be very proud of your beautiful girls!