Wednesday, August 18, 2010


~WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO????~ ~This picture was taken in early June, right after school got out for the summer. Kristi got to visit for a few days before going back to Florida for the Army. Maddi and Alex got new baby farm kittens and the love em!!~
Alex and Alli start school next week (pictured Left to Right). Kristi is back home (in Florida) after spending the summer helping build a hospital in St. Croix with the Army. And Miss Maddi is starting school tomorrow in the 3rd grade. HOLY COW, seems like yesterday I took these pictures and now it's the middle of August. I don't remember summer vacation going this fast as a kid....LOL
Have a great day today.....Hugs and Love, Amy


Sentimentally Me said...

LOOK at those gurls of yours! Just too adorable, each and every one of them! :)

Summer . . . . . amazing it's almost over! Took Rach back to school this past weekend and now I want to put on a wool sweater and take a walk with Otie :) WELCOME FALL SOON!!

xoxo P

Southern Queen Bee said...

Summers do pass so quickly, just wish the weather would cool off too!

Shelley said...

You have beautiful girls Amy....I am so glad summer is passing on has been so hot this year...I can't wait for fall to set in....blessings

JANN said...

Wonderful photos of your lovely girls. Time is flying by way too fast, what is going on ??