Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm heading back home to Iowa early tomorrow morning....I will be back around supper time and will post all my adventures in California this week that I had with Anna!!!!
I'm sad to leave as the fun never ends when I am with Anna. However, I am getting homesick for my kids and hubby and life as I know it and like Dorothy always said,
"There's No Place Like Home"
Have an awesome week!!!!
Love and Hugs, Amy


aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Kiddo:]
So you had a blast in California?
Next year I should be all patched up and can see you : )
Was the Urban Barn the bomb?
I have never been but I certainly would like to : ) My sister use to live in Vista and I was always going to her home.
Love ya girlie

Lori Bei Durst said...

Just checked in to see how things were going and by now you are probably home, safe and sound ! So glad you had a lovely get-away.....and hope you rested a bit too! :o)
Love, Lori

Alison said...

Amy you are so right.
There is no place like home