Tuesday, April 13, 2010


~RE-DO of the SHOP~

I sold so many furniture pieces this past week that I had to re-do the shop....never an easy thing to do BUT SO MUCH FUN!!!! Like playing house for me!!!!
My website crashed again, I lost everything so I am in the middle of fixing that, man it never ends here, just when I think things are going good, something else happens.
Went to the dentist yesterday for my cleaning after $7400 worth of work done only to have the dentist tell me I need another crown and I have 2 cavities...Something is WRONG....how in 3 weeks from going to "Everything is done" to now having $980 worth of work needed...I'm going to lose my mind...any suggestions?
Love and Hugs, Amy


Alecia Justice said...

Oh how sweet! I love it all!



Hi Amy,
I see some sweet linens! Your shop looks great!
Humm...I would question that dentist and ask to see the x-rays!
Let's see your $$$ SMILE!!
Deb :)

pollyanns said...

So great to see you today! I love my little hankie dolls. The shop looks fantastic. There were so many thing I fell in love with, but simply don't need. Did I say that? Ha, well, anyway, it was awesome and you look fantastic. I love ya, Amy!

Rachel Knoblich said...

Oh...by the way...the shop looks beautiful...you always have the greatest stuff!

Rachel Knoblich said...

stop going to the dentist...LOL

IsabellasCloset said...

Amy, I LOVE the re do... I still REALLY want that gorgeous clock!!!!
Have a lovely day ~Mary~ :-}

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

It looks Great...I love your whole blog....Thanks...xoxo Nita