Saturday, February 21, 2009

~SOME GREAT NEWS for ONCE~ $39.09 for $7.34 at ACE HARDWARE


$39.09 worth of products for just $7.34 oop (out of pocket, tax included)

YEP....ALL OF THAT PICTURED, plus 4 kinds of screws that Bob needed for the snow blower, for just $7.34 which includes tax!!!
I used to coupon all the time when I was a single mom, then I just stopped doing it after Maddi was born and don't really know why. I saw a blurb on Good Morning America a few weeks back about
BeCentsAble (click on the highlighted area & check them out) and thought, "OH AMY, you had so much fun doing that, you need to start doing that again." So here I am....totally excited about it and going to show you how I do it!!!! It's tons of fun and you don't even have to buy the Sunday Paper (although I strongly suggest you do) as you can print coupons right from your computer from a huge data base online. A FULL CUP. It's a wonderful website. Also, ask your friends and neighbors if they aren't keeping their Sunday Paper coupons to save them for you. I have some family members doing so for me, so I will have extras on hand.

I also went to CVS Pharmacy this week and ended up with over $78.00 in products for only $14.00. YES!!!

I got 10 BIG scented Suave Beauty Bath Soap Gel Bottles

2 Purex Laundry Soaps Big bottles 2x

1 Hormel Turkey Dinner

3 bottles of Dove (expensive) Therapy Lotions

300 Cotton balls

1 bottle of Fingernail Polish Remover


2 tubes of Crest Toothpaste (ended up paying me $1.50 each to buy them)

There was more but I have already forgotten...LOL (I will take pictures from now on and show you)

It had me doing the HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY DANCE FOR SURE!!!! Walgreen's is another great place for savings along with Target.
If you have ANY QUESTIONS at all, don't hesitate to e-mail me and I will be happy to tell you how I am doing this!!!!

Happy Weekend and Don't forget to buy your local Sunday Newspaper tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Amy


Karen said...

You did so good!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep up the good work!

Tara @ Deal Seeking Mom said...

You did a fabulous job! I wish that I had started tracking my savings from day one. It would be so fun to see how much I've saved over the years now. Keep up the great work!

LittlePeopleWealth said...

You did great! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

IsabellasCloset said...

Amy, Way to go girl! You did very good.
Hugs ~Mary~