Tuesday, February 24, 2009


~ WHOO HOOO!!!! DOUBLE COUPONS at K-Mart THIS WEEK ONLY~ I only paid $4.28 (tax included) for these 10 bottles of Secret Deodorant.
WHOO HOOO!!!! THAT's LESS than the COST OF just ONE!!!!
I had $2.00 off 1 coupons and they double them to save me $4.00 off each, so that made them .39 cents each. I saved $43.31!!!!
GOTTA LOVE IT, oh, and you might wonder, why would anyone need that much, remember, 5 girls will be using this!!!! LOL
I am getting stronger everyday and I will post pictures of my surgery, 2 weeks post-op tomorrow. Kristi finds out tomorrow when she will have surgery.
Other than that, everyone is doing well.
Hugs, Amy


IsabellasCloset said...

Oh sweet Amy what fun you are having...you & your deals sure make me smile :-} How I wished I lived close to you we would have such great fun shopping for deals & thrift treasures.
I love your blog posts, phone calls, & emails. Keep em coming!!!
Well I better get back to work cleaning my messy studio..
I love you!!! ~Mary~ :-}

Jen r. said...

What a great deal! It won't go bad! ;)

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

OH~~~~ I love shopping like that. It is a passion of mine. Those are great deals. Have you ever been on the frugal living forum? It is so fun. Ladies tell about all the good deals that got and where to go. And they just talk about being frugal and sharing ideas and recipes. Sometime blogging about my home and garden tend to want me to spend more money. I can't do that so this frugal living keeps me grounded.I was gone for a while but just came back because I missed it so much, and it realy did help me spend less and get more.

Lallee said...

My goodness, Amy. You are on a roll! How about if you become my personal shopper? Praying for your healing--and your daughter too.

Shelley said...

WOW ,Amy you are racking in the savings...you should teach a class on it! You go girl.....smile....
Hope you are feeling better after your surgery!


Pink Slippers said...

That is amazing!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you that you are feeling stronger. I think of you often. Keep up the good work!!
Love, Marilyn

SweetAnnee said...

Hey you.. You are a NUT
what's up with that much deodorant??
Send them to the soldiers..men
and women


Felicia said...

Good deal :)