Sunday, December 07, 2008

~LOTS of CHRISTMAS~Maddi & My Hair~

~My 1st Ever Shabby Cottage Christmas, I'm Loving It!!!!~I had Bob take the Grape Wreath Topiary that was in here off and make a hole for my 3 foot tall White Christmas Tree. I just wanted the base and I bought it for under $5.00 at a consignment store before the flood.
This is the cupboard my Dad built. I added a little bit of Christmas to each shelf

I just love "little things"

I LOVE My White Sparkle Glitter houses that I have been collecting for a couple years now. They are all metal (I just can't bring myself to alter them or paint them pink) and from the White Barn Candle Company. Each one holds a tea light candle. In the back I have a VERY OLD heavy Wavy Glass Apothecary Jar filled with mercury and shiny bright ornaments.

Here is the view from Bob's Chair and the finished 3 foot white tree

This is looking East from the Northwest corner of the living room, I can't wait to paint the hallway doors all white.

Another View

All decked out with VINTAGE Silver Garland along with Aqua and Pink Old Shiny Bright Ornaments. Topper is new but made to look old.

I leave the lights on 24/7 because they make me smile


I don't have the money for a big white tree so I used the pitter patter table and put up a nice 4 foot white tree on it. I think it turned out DARLING and you can see it from the highway.
All decked out with VINTAGE Ornaments

The GLITTER SANTA I bought last year from
Mary Rose and Isabellascloset can you believe she MAKES THESE!!!! I am so happy I got one!!!! Click on her name and see if she still has any left!!!!

YES....we have SNOW and are expected another 7 to 12 inches by Tuesday Night

My Collection of vintage and new ribbons. I found the vintage wood gesso frame at a junk store for $10.00 and painted it a watered down pitter patter but left the ORIGINAL SILVER BARBOLA ROSES. It turned out so cute.

Mom thought of this idea.....the sign is from someone on eBay but I found it at a junk store for UNDER a Dollar!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? Also, the snowflakes came from Mary Rose at Isabellascloset. I think they look ADORABLE, and added a Christmas look to the vanity that holds the TV.

Okay, this is the first year EVER that I cared about what my wrapped packages looked like. I used a lot of PINK tissue paper and Cellophane paper. I especially love the LACE Cello paper. It's from Current and I bought it a long time ago (1980's) and was going to sell it but I ended up using it. I LOVE IT!!!!

NOTICE the NAME TAGS....OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Listen Girls, there is this sweetest gal, Peggy, from SoShabbyPink, who makes these and I am thrilled to have bought from her. She is a WONDERFUL and GENEROUS GAL and you need to get some of her cool stickers. I have bought some for Valentine's Day and Easter to add to my glass jars and some wood boxes I have. I am even going to try a little train case with them too. Tell her I sent you if you can. You WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

This is the Cupboard My Mom made. I just love it and those BIG HUGE PINK ORNAMENTS are HUGE!!!! I could only fit 3 of them in the double layer cake pedestal.

LOTS OF PRETTIES that will eventually go on the website

Just a few close ups of my Vintage Ornaments on the Main Tree

A Full View of the Cupboard Mom Made


Tree Ornament, I made into my Tree Topper. From a VERY DEAR FRIEND!!! Barbara, I cannot thank you enough, you have no idea how much this means to me, especially right now. HOPE....that says it all. All handmade, with love and EXACTLY what I LOVE!!!! This will forever hold a special place in my heart

Another Close up of the Glitter Santa and the Sticker Tags

Just a little Christmas on the 9 foot long Fire Place Mantle
I think I want to add a string of white lights weaving them in and out of every thing sitting on the mantle. I haven't decided yet.
One of my favorite little spots. I was going to turn the silver glitter box into a cake but then I ended up using it to hold this sweet little silver tree instead.

Our first Snow....First week of December. Miss Maddi went out and went sledding and then made this little Snowman all by herself. She came running in the house looking for raisins. And yes, we had them. She says, "Oh goodie, I will eat what I don't need." She makes me SMILE!!!

Doesn't She make you smile????
My Sweet Miss Maddi....what would I do without you????

AND NOW FOR MY has OFFICIALLY BEEN 11 months of growth!!!! Here it is dried naturally, YES, that is all natural curl and thickness. JUST LIKE MY HAIR USED TO BE!!!!


AND NOW.....I love it straightended and I feel more like a girl!!!
Can you believe how fast my hair is growing....THANK YOU GOD!!!! ALL GLORY BE TO YOU!!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE....Kristi Graduated Friday WITH HONORS and is now in San Antonio, Texas. She is coming home on the 19th of this month and we are all so excited!!!! We are expecting lots of snow this week and I have lots to do to get more treasures on the website.
Hugs, Amy


Connie said...

You DO realize that most of us would KILL for curly hair like that, my sweet chickadee?!?!?! It's just beautiful. As I age, almost 70, I'm finding that the curls "soften" the wrinkles.......yesssssss, squeeeeeeal!!!! But you're adorable no matter what.....
:-) <--------Me smiling!!!


IsabellaCloset said...

Hi Amy! WoW WoW WoW Your decorations are just sooooooooooo FABULOUS! What fun I had viewing them all.
I need you to come decorate my cottage and help me decorate.
Oh we would have such a good time & I need a push right now.
Your hair is so long, I love all the beautiful curls.
What sweet photos of Maddi how she is growing up!
Thanks so very much for the phone call this morning. It's ALWAYS such fun talking to you, how you make me smile :-}
Sweetie with all you have been through & are going through right now you truly amaze me! Hang in there.. You are always in my thoughts & prayers.
Stay strong!
Much love & many blessings
~Mary~ :-}

Becky said...

I just love your decorations. Just beautiful. Loving your hair too. Hugs and Love

Judy said...

I can't believe all the snow!! We get flurries but no much buid up. I love Maddi's snowman. She is so cute. Your decorations are so pretty. I love all you've done for the holiday. I'm glad your daughter will be home for the holidays. Enjoy!!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Your curls are so beautiful and I can't believe how fast your hair grows! Love your pretty white tree in the window :)


Shelley said...

Hi Amy, I love all your decorations. So shabby sweet...How lucky,you have snow!Your hair is just beautiful.Congrats to your DD on her guaduation. I know you will be trilled to have her home for a while!
Have a blessed week, Shelley

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Amy!! I bet I'll be back again tomorrow & the next day & the next day to look at all your pretty Christmas decor again and AGAIN!! Oh, how I love it all!

I started up a Christmas blog ~ come check it out when you can, Miss Curly Locks!! Beautiful hair, btw, either curly or straight!!

So glad Kristi will be home soon for a visit!!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

Your home is so beautiful. I can feel your excitement in your post. You must love waking up in your home each day. How does your husband like it?

Your hair is looking great!


Iowa Gal said...

Your trees look so pretty. Wish I could see them at night. Your hair looks so thick and nice. Anew change is happening at the Henry house. Been a long time a comin..........JAN

Susan said...

Hi Amy,
Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. Your hair is gorgeous! I'm so glad Kristi is coming to visit you. What a special Christmas gift for you.
Hugs, Susan

Amy said...

Everything looks so cozy and inviting. Love your hair progress!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your hair is beautiful! Sheri :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Amy! I LOVE all your Christmas sure have a knack for decorating...everything looks so wonderful...I love all your vignettes! Oh..and that hair...I love it...before long it will be tumbling down your back...I bet you can't wait!!


She'sSewPretty said...

I am smiling at Miss Maddie, I am smiling at your wonderful head of hair and I am smiling at your beautiful living room. I wish I dared to decorate like that. My sons would cringe! LOL


Merry Christmas AMY,
Your home looks lovely and so do
Wishing you a very, merry, Christmas with your family.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

What a beautiful shabby house at Christmas! I can't remember all I was going to say! Oh yeah. You saved those cello bags from when you were a teenager...I have a huge roasting pan from then (what kind of teenager buys a huge roasting pan????) Well mine is ivory with tiny roses all over you think it fits my style today? Where on earth would you find one now...I haven't ever seen another one like it.
Love the hair! I have a head full I have to put chemicals on to tame...I know you wouldn't believe it from my picture but it is true...I'd have an afro if I didn't.
Merry Christmas!

Idaho Quilter said...

I love your shaby decorations, and your hair is delightful curly of straight. God Bless & Merry Christmas

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, everything is so beautiful and I am praying that next year my new bedroom will be in shabby pink and white, but a touch of silver.
Girl, I will trade you those curls for my straight, won't curl, hair. Will take a picture before I cut it all off. How long will Kristi be home? I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Love and Hugs, Pat

Susancnw said...

Lovely place and your hair is GORGEOUS! You need to check out Right products and you'll toss that flatiron. I have curly hair and am WAY too lazy to take time to blow dry and then flatiron :D

SweetAnnee said...

I LOVE all your hair

it's awesome


Tracey said...

The Shabby Chic is soo adorable. I'm getting into shabby chic and am slowly changing my house decor. You have an adorable blog. Hugs, Tracey