Monday, October 06, 2008


I am soooo excited as you see, I have won a few giveaways on blogs but never heard a word or received the prize after I contacted them and gave them my address and everything. Kind of a down-er. I have NO DOUBT about this one as I got an email today that it has been sent. I am soooo excited and THANK YOU JUDY for such a neat giveaway!!!!

I haven't heard from Kristi....I won't for 3's going to be one of the longest 21 days in my life. I call her cell phone just to hear her voice, even though they took it from her and shut it off. Pretty soon her mailbox will be full....LOL...and I won't be able to leave messages.

I don't even have an address to write to her as they haven't even been assigned a company yet. Fort Jackson has a website and it's a good source for me to see what they are doing on a weekly basis. So that makes me feel a little bit better. And I have been a bad Mom, I thought I would write everyday, even tho I have no place to send the letters, and well, I haven't had time to write at all. I think that once I get an address, it will be a totally different story.

I went to my 1 year since my LAST CHEMO appointment today....I am PROUD to say I have lost another 12 pounds since June....YIPPY SKIPPY for me and I am LESS than I was when I got cancer. Hey, trust me, I am on NO DIET....I think the stress of everything has done a nice job of melting the pounds off....LOL Everything else is looking good and I am just to keep on, keeping on....

All my Love, Amy

(PS.....last Monday night....I got the SHOP all ready for Christmas....I have sold a lot of it last week already and will be restocking it this week and the is just a little sneak of the pictures I took....of course, it will all look different again when I redo it...LOL)


Judy said...

Thanks so much for your nice post Amy. You are such a sweetheart and I love you to pieces.

It's awful when you can't talk to you kids. I still remember when my son joined the Navy and I couldn't talk to him. Cell phones didn't exist in those days. It really sucks!! She'll be home on leave before you know it. Time does pass quickly.
Happy 1 year annivesary too!


Hi Amy,
Your shop looks GREAT, and I'm
so glad you won and that you WILL receive the gift. Judy is a sweetie!!
Don't lose too much weight, sounds like you are too stressed and that's not a good thing:)
Take care Amy!!

Hurray for 1 year free of treatments!!

T=ME said...

Congrats on being a more ways than one! Your shop looks great!
It's so hard to be a silent soldiers Mom! A little heads up that might help: I wrote my soldier everyday while he was in boot camp. When I finally got his address I sent them all to him. Before he could get them they made him do 20 situps for each letter! He wrote me back and asked I only write once a week! lol (now)
Hugs, Terri

Anonymous said...


How awesome that you've lost weight!
And congratulations for being one year past chemo. I can imagine how thankful you must feel.

It must be so hard not being able to comfort Christy. I guess it's the military's way of helping them to grow up and depend on their own inner strength. We'll all have to pray that she is adjusting and doing well. I'm sure this is going to be a rewarding life lesson for her.


Amy said...

Looks like lots of fun! I have an enamel top table that was my Grandparents. I think they are awesome.
Good luck with the shop!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh Wow! Oh Wow! I wish I could come visit your shop in person! It looks wonderful.
I'm glad you heard from Kristi. I'll pray she stays safe and strong!