Monday, March 24, 2008



~MY SWEET FRIEND Lajuana from ALABAMA sent me pictures of her craft room. GALS...I AM IN AWE and DROOLING all over my keyboard. I told her she NEEDS to start a blog....she is so talented and we ALL would LOVE to see MORE!!! Looking at this I would say she needs to be in Romantic Homes Magazine....don't you agree??? She hasn't started a blog because she is being modest and doesn't feel her decor and skills are any where near that of ours. HA!!! I SAY....Leave a comment here for her and tell her to START HER BLOG TODAY.~

We woke up to SNOW on Easter Morning.....that was pretty crazy and I am happy to say it is all melted once again....YIPPY SKIPPY!!!
Have a great night and oh, I almost forgot....there's new stuff on the website. Lots of stuff too.

Love and Hugs, Amy

I am THANKFUL TODAY because:

Yesterday's Snow Melted and I saw my FIRST ROBIN

I still have a tolerant hubby who just left to pick me up yet ANOTHER treasure, I will show pictures tomorrow of what it is!!!

Fat Free FRENCH VANILLA Coffee Creamer.....ooooo it makes my coffee taste so good

Old Linens....cause someday I will learn to sew

Ripe Bananas because TODAY at age 42 was the First DAY I ever made banana bread. I HAD NO IDEA it was that easy, I always thought it needed yeast......and it's my favorite bread of all and so I am totally thrilled that I know how to make it...and its super simple....go to they have great stuff.


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Amy ~
Your friends craft room is gorgeous !!! She has to start a blog she just has to so we can see more ~

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Amy Lajuana sure needs a blog. Her craft room is so, so pretty. Come on over to Blogland Lajuana please!!

Miss Jean said...

Amy: Please pass this on to Lujuana: Hey, girl! Repeat after me, "I am more talented than I know and I WILL start a blog NOW!" You're room is awesome!!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Amy!! I am green over that craft room as well!! Oh MY!!

Good for you on the banana bread!!
Love all your goodies on your display everything so lovely...