Friday, February 01, 2008


~DO YOU THINK MY HAIR WILL EVER BE THIS LONG AGAIN????~ Pictures below taken at The Pier in St. Petersburg Florida~

I am digging my new hair style, however, I am hoping I have the patience to grow it long again, I LOVED my long hair as it was a big part of who I was, it was my signature part of my body. We will have to see.....I am FINALLY FEELING LIKE A WOMAN AGAIN....
Please pray for Deena today. Hopefully she can start chemo today and pray that God stops all the cancer in her body. WE LOVE YOU DEENA!!!
Love and Hugs, Amy

This is the Day the Lord Hath Made
Let us rejoice and be GLAD in it.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Amy! Love your hair today too! Of course it will grow long hair in now as long as yours was and I WAS thinking about cutting it but I've always had long hair....I dunno.

Deena is a constant in my thoughts and prayers today.,..I am anxiously waiting her results...
Have a great weekend!

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, what a sexy new look. I love it, but like you, my hair is a big part of me. Letting mine grow for locks of love. I need to post the pic of my dil who cut her long red hair and donated it, so that's what I am doing right now. Glad you survived the blizzard. Love Ya, Pat

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy! You are looking GREAT! Your hair will be long in no time!Will say a prayer for Deena and as always,prayers for you and your family. Have a great week-end sweetie! :)

marylou said...

Hiya Amy, are lookin' sooooooo HOT:) In your famous words, YIPPY SKIPPY and in mine...WOOT:-)
Is that natural curl I see in your pretty new hair?? Lucky!! You stinker;) Before ya know it you will be posting pics of your longer locks but to me you are looking mighty fine just the way you are:)
I will also keep Deena in my prayers.
Hugs, Marylou

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Amy, Wow a hair brush now. Good for you. After what you've been through I am sure you will have the patience to groe your hair.
Been over to Deena's and she wasn't able to start her chemo as her count wasn't right. Hopefully next week.
Take care.

Shelley said...

Dear Amy, you look just beautiful. Great to see a big smile.I am remembering Deena.


Mary said...

You have such a great smile and the length of your hair will never change that Amy! Enjoy the ease of the short do, before you know it you'll need those quart size bottles of conditioner for long locks!!

Deena didn't get the green light today - hopefully next week when she is stronger. Hope everyone is praying diligently - just as we still do for you.

Have a yippy skippy weekend - especially if you're snowed in.

SweetAnnee said...

your hair is GRand
and I know you can grow
it LONG and lushious again
just like yOu!!

lovingly, Deena
thanks for the cheerleading!!

Marcela said...

Hello Amy
I am sure you will have your hair very long again....
You look great with long hair and with short hair too!!!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Amy, I love your hair. I had short hair like that for a long time. My husband love short hair. You look beautiful!! I am so glad your feeling better.

Miss Jean said...

Lookin good there sweetie pie. Lovin' the smile.

I have a neighbor who is growing her hair long so she can donate it. There are so many great people in the're one of them.

Angie said...

Amy, I haven't visited in a long time, but it was great to go back and read all your posts. I have to say, I'm partial to short hair, so I think it looks great!

And the next time you are in St. Petersburg, let me know. I'll be glad to show you around.


Jillian said...

Amy you look GREAT! And yes, your hair will grow long again! Hair grows so fast. Your pic in St. Pete reminds me of good times when I was little! We used to live there.

Have a wonderful weekend...can't wait til the super bowl parties!

Stephanie said...

How adorable your new hairstyle is, Amy!! Quite sexy & refreshing! Course I love the long hair, too, but you look great either way. With such awesome eyes & an awesome smile, you have it made either way!!!

On my way to give Deena some cyber hugs right now~

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Amy,

Whoa, what a beautiful smile you have!!! It looks very pretty long but I think it looks really chic and classy short, you can definitely wear both looks very very well. I'm loving it :)

My prayers are with Deena.


Betty said...

i'd say you can have all my hair but someone at my house would argue with you i miss short hair!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Looking good Amy! Your hair is really cute and you've got the great cheek bones to make it looks great!

shabby chic said...

Hi Amy,
It is looking good and thick too and it looks like you have a naural wave in your hair too. Its great and i bet it will take no time at all to get it how you want it too. It looks great now and there are so many funky styles out at the moment, you wont know what to pick.
take care x Dominique

IsabellaCloset said...

Amy, Your hair looks great and you look FABULOUS! What a precious
smile.. Hugs & much love my sweet friend~Mary~

IsabellaCloset said...

Amy, Oh forgot to add that Deena is in my daily prayers. I hope next friday she will be able to start her chemo. She like you is such a FABULOUS Gal and I love you both!!
Hugs & Love ~Mary~

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Amy ~ Your hair looks great ! I bet it will be growing fast from now on ~
I am praying or Deena !

Anna T said...

Hey Runway girl! You rock!

She'sSewPretty said...

Hot mama! teehee I received a wonderful package today!! Thanks Amy!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

AMY! You look fabulous!! I love the hair! It will be so nice for summer too. And I know you will grow it long again, just keep looking at the pictures for motivation. Either way you are gorgeous! And you are my hero!

Love you,

Shab-n-Chic said... look fabulous! Great smile too. :)