Wednesday, January 09, 2008



I am leaving for Southern California at 5am tomorrow (Thursday, Jan 10th) and my sweet friend Anna, from MyFlowerBed has planned a DAY IN TEMECULA for us to meet up with THE SWEET GALS from that area. IF YOU ARE CLOSE TO THIS AREA, I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU. PLEASE PLEASE see what you can do as life is so short and after all I have been thru, it will be such an awesome day to meet, eat and visit with all of you. Of course, I will have my digital camera with me so I will be taking lots of pictures. And, YOU WILL KNOW IT'S ME WITH, I'm the TALL ONE (six foot tall) with NO HAIR....LOL

Please meet us on MONDAY, JANUARY 14th at 11:30am at The Bank of Mexican Food Restaurant (just click on the link for the address, directions and full menu) for a GIRLS DAY of LUNCH FUN!!!

I have not yet packed for myself or Maddi (she is going to Grandma's while I am gone) and I have so much left to do that I have to shut my computer down. I will check my email from time to time while I am in Southern California, but please understand if I don't get back to you until I am home, it's only because I am busy having A BLAST!!! I plan on bringing lots of treasures home from California and will be posting all new goodies on the website the weekend of the 20th. HERE'S TO A CALIFORNIA TRIP that I was suppose to go on the week I found the lump in my breast!!! THIS WILL BE THE BEST EVER!!!! Just think, I AM ALIVE to be able to go....that in itself is AMAZING GRACE!!!

All my Love, Amy
(PS...MORE THANK YOU's to MARY'S ANGELS, when I get home I will be posting more. In the meantime, below is more of the list of Mary's Angels. Mary and I are in AWE of your generous heart and the prayers keep coming. I AM HONORED and PROUD to be a part of your world!!!

Priscilla~ FleaMarketQueen
Mary~ AcrossThePond
Lori~ KatiesRoseCottage
Sue~ Sue'sCQNews
Jill~ InTheCupboard
Jillian~ JilliansPages
Mechelle~ PinkDaisys
Shelley~ ShelleysVintageVariety
Heidi~eBay customer

ARLENE of not only donated one website but TWO of them to Mary. WOW WEE!!! If ANY of you are considering a website business, ARLENE is AWESOME to work with and her prices are so reasonable....just think, OWNING YOUR OWN RETAIL WEBSITE!!! It doesn't get any better than that. (just so you know, my software alone to build a website was almost $200, then I had to figure it out, and then I had to build my website. If only I had known about Arlene 5 years ago)
PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have a donated auction on ebay, etsy or your blog for Mary...I want to get your links out there to everyone. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! AMY)

Pictured Below, ANNA and ME, 3 years ago in Mt. Vernon, Iowa


Flea Market Queen said...

Temecula here we come!
See you on Monday, have a safe trip...

IsabellaCloset said...

Amy, I hope you and Anna have a fabulous time in California! I'm thrilled you are going on vacation and getting away from everything here. I just know you will have so much fun. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. You take care and enjoy yourself.
Hugs and love to you my sweet Angel! ~Mary~

Shelley said...

Have a great time Amy, you deserve it after all you have been through. Go out and celabrate your life, and find lots of treasures to bring home and show all of us here in blogland. I pray you have a safe trip and a wonderful time.


Mary said...

Way to go Amy - knock 'em dead in California - know it's going to be so much fun meeting up with blog friends.

Thanks so much for the package which arrived today - it's just so cute. I don't remember that game as a child - but see it was made in England - perhaps it's even older than me!!
You and Maddi were sweet to think of me.
Love ya - have a ball, you deserve it.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Amy! Have fun! I can't wait to see all the goodies!!

Marcela said...

Hello Amy
Have a wonderful time with your friends my deserve it!!!
I wish I could go to California to meet you....
Maybe some day....

Kisses to you

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Amy ~ Have fun !!! You deserve it girl !!!