Monday, October 01, 2007

~More Doctors Today~

HI HO....HI HO...It's off to the Doctor's I go......
Today I go to the doctors again (oncologist Dr. Ghosh) to have more blood work done and to see if I will need to have the RED Blood Cell shot again. The WHITE Blood Cell shot I get the day after chemo is $6000.00 PER SHOT....YES SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR ONE SHOT. The red blood cell one I get today, is ONLY....LOL...$5000.00 per shot.
Did I tell you that each chemo treatment with my shots is a little over $21,000.00 EACH TIME!!!
HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT WITHOUT INSURANCE??? And how do people do it that have no so good insurance???
JUST FOR MY CHEMO ALONE (not including the hospital stays, the surgeries, and all the medicines I have been on)it will cost over $125,000.00. IS THAT INSANE???
SO, off to the doctors I go again today.....but soon it will ALL BE OVER....AND I CANNOT WAIT TO STOP LOOKING LIKE UNCLE FESTER!!!!


Lori said...

Amy, Sweetie when you commented on how I honored you, you made me cry!! You stinker you! Honey you are such an inspriration to me! There are so many days since my back has been injured that I want to just crawl in a hole. But Amy you make me see there is a world out there to savor and not to give in! I get pissed cause my knee is swollen and my pants won't fit my leg, and then I think of you and realize, how petty. God has given me family, and friends to love and help me and I fight it off sometimes to pity myself, what the heck for! Girlie you have taught me to LIVE!!! It could be worst. Yeah I know I hurt, I know things fit different, but I can dust myself off and go out there and do my thing! After all you've been through, you taught each and everyone of us, that we need to hold onto what we love! You can smile and darn it so can I too! By the way, where the heck do you live?? Oh, you look so happy and pretty in pink! Take care and have a fun week, no matter how smal the fun, I know you will enjoy it, and I will do the same too! All my love, Lori

Kristi said...

Amy, you can DO this! I haven't been online much but glad I'm here today! We have been going through some tough times here. I'm reading some of your older posts from the last few weeks and I'm so inspired by you! YOUR ALMOST THERE!!!!! :)

Jerri said...


You are so pretty in pink......

BittersweetPunkin said...

Amy...I just wanted to stop in and say Hello and see do give me a lift for have such strength and a wonderful zest for happiness!

Iowa Gal said...

We love the looks of Uncle Fester!!!!!!!!!! It is almost over and then you can live a normal life again.......Your Iowa friend.

carole said...

Hi Amy Darlin:
How you do it every day is beyond me : ) Wife, Mom, Daughter and Friend to many, web designer, e-bay & etsy seller. Any field cats coming to the back door? You go my friend and thank goodness for the great medical insurance.
I love you too much

Solange said...

Oh girl!!!! We love ya....This will all seem like a nightmare in a few short weeks!!!

Judy said...

Just have to tell you that you are beautiful inside and out! Love you. Judy from judy*anns*shoppe

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! I love your hat...your are so stylish! As always, prayers for you and many hugs!

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, forget about all those bills---it only stresses you out more. Just one of mine was $284,000 for my 30 day stay. Thank goodness we had decent insurance, so we only had to pay $43,000 in the 6 years. I hope you visit goes well today. You look great and love that smile. Hugs, Pat

Toni said...

You are so brave and strong!! This will all be behind you soon. xo.

shelley davis said...

Dear Amy,
I only just found your blog. I am in tears.
You do not look like Uncle Fester! You look beautiful. A testimony of faith and courage.
Keep up the good fight.
Sweetest regards,
Shelley Davis