Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I AM SOOOOO HONORED and HUMBLED as I received a phone call TODAY from Dr. Ghosh, my Oncologist, who asked if Bob and I would go with him to THE LIVESTRONG PRESIDENTIAL CANCER FORUM to meet Lance Armstrong and be part of the forum!!!! WOW!!! This might be my calling.....Please pray I am well enough to go!!!! BOB IS MY MEDICAL ADVOCATE and he and Dr. Ghosh talk their medical terms and in turn, Bob explains it all to me in laymen terms. THANK YOU BOB!!! You are my ROCK!!!
Hugs and Love to all of you, Amy (who has been sleeping 18 to 20 hours a day, as this last chemo treatment has really thrown me for a loop)
SIX CANDIDATES CONFIRMED FOR THE LIVESTRONG® PRESIDENTIAL CANCER FORUM; MSNBC BROADCAST ELEVATES CANCER DIALOGUE TO THE NATIONAL STAGE MSNBC'S Chris Matthews will co-moderate with Lance Armstrong; Iowa state elected officials to host - The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) announced today that the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum, a two-day event featuring 2008 presidential hopefuls from the Democratic and Republican parties in Cedar Rapids next month will be co-moderated by Lance Armstrong and Chris Matthews of MSNBC. The forum provides candidates with an opportunity to detail their respective policy plans for fighting cancer, a disease that kills nearly 1,500 Americans every day.
"Cancer is non-partisan. It's the number one killer of Americans under 85," said Armstrong, founder and chairman of the LAF. "Each of the confirmed participants is demonstrating the importance of a national cancer policy in his or her platform. We greatly appreciate their commitment and invite all remaining candidates to attend."
As of today, and in alphabetical order, the following Democratic candidates have confirmed their attendance: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator John Edwards and Governor Bill Richardson; and the following Republicans have confirmed their attendance: Senator Sam Brownback, Governor Mike Huckabee and Governor Tommy Thompson.
In addition to the participant confirmations, MSNBC will be broadcasting the Forum. Each afternoon following the forum, MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" will feature candidate interviews and comments, and on tonight's program Armstrong will discuss the forum and cancer-related issues with Matthews.
"The Presidential Cancer Forum is a critical step for the Lance Armstrong Foundation toward making cancer a national priority," said Doug Ulman, president of the LAF. "MSNBC will help elevate our nation's focus on cancer by shining a spotlight on an issue that takes far too many lives."
The Democratic candidates' forum will be held on Monday, August 27; Republican candidates will convene the following day, August 28. Both discussions will take place at U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 10 A.M. until noon CDT. Tickets for the forum are available, at no cost, at
Senator Charles Grassley, Republican of Iowa, and Iowa Governor Chet Culver, a Democrat, will provide welcoming remarks for the Republicans and Democrats, respectively, and comment on the future of cancer-related public policy.
"The LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum will be an excellent chance not only for Iowans, but for people across the country, to learn more from the candidates about their efforts to fight this devastating disease," said Sen. Grassley. "Most of us have a personal story about the impact cancer has had in our lives, whether through our loved ones' struggles or our own. We have the opportunity to bring this disease to the forefront of the policy debate."
"Iowa is proud of its history as a bellwether in each presidential election season -- and we are equally proud to be hosting this discussion," said Gov. Culver. "We've all seen the yellow wristbands and witnessed Lance's tireless advocacy on this critical issue. Now, with the help of his leadership, the LAF is hosting the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum as a vehicle for us to see just where the presidential contenders stand on cancer issues ranging from funding for research, to survivorship services as well the hope to one day find a cure."
The LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum stems from a commitment by Armstrong and the foundation that bears his name to build and mobilize a LIVESTRONG Army that unites citizens, government officials and cancer organizations across the country to make cancer a national priority.
"The dream is that we get rid of this disease forever," Armstrong said. "The '08 elections and the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum give all Americans an opportunity to ask the candidates 'What's your plan? And where does cancer fit into your policies?'"
Details for the event are as follows:
LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum:
Hosted by the Lance Armstrong Foundation
Democratic Candidate Forum, Monday August 27, 2007
Republican Candidate Forum, Tuesday August 28, 2007
U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Jan said...

I'm so proud of you! Praying for you to have the strength and stamina to go!


Judy said...

Hi my wonderful friend Amy. I have had a day from hell...the company I work for was sold so guess I'm in the unemployemet line, and now finally good news. I am so proud of you Amy. I know you are having a really tough chemo time but I know you will feel good enough to do this. We will all be there with you. Thank you Bob for taking such good care of our Amy. Love ya and Hugs.

Patrice said...

AWESOME!!!!! That's all I've gotta say Amy * AWESOME!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo P

carole said...

Amy Darling:
Please take tons of photographs. This is so cool!!! I am glad you and Bob are going. I want you to take a picture with Lance and when you make prints, sign your part of it for me
: )

Mary said...

Congratulations Amy - they couldn't have picked a better spokeswoman than you - please, please be well enough to go - then come home and rest.

All of us who have faced cancer and won the battle, still worry each day knowing it could return. Life never really becomes normal again, however we plod on, thankful we're still here to give support to others, such as you, to think good thoughts and say our prayers to help make you well again.

Cancer is huge, it must be attacked on a much larger scale - money must be made available by our government for research and treatment. Go tell them Amy - let them see that a young, lovely person like you needs her life back, for herself and her family.

We are behind you - my Bob and I have been there, we know how hard it is to go through surgery, chemo and radiation, the toll it takes on your body and your mind is so hard.
We pray for you every day dear - be strong.
Love, Mary.

Becky said...

I am thrilled that you and Bob were invited! That is such wonderful news and you will be the perfect spokesperson.

Love you lots and lots and hugs to Bob, too.



the other amy said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

Stephanie said...

What an awesome honor! Now, get off this 'puter & REST so you will feel like going! I'll be saying special prayers for your strength & wisdom as you speak about this important issue!

Angelic Accents

Missy said...

Oh WOW, Amy - That is awesome news!!! You are such an ideal person to lend their voice to this cause! Just look at all the lives you touch in such a positive way by blogging this whole experience! Lance and the candidates are the ones who should be honored to meet YOU, dear friend! Please rest up so that you are feeling well enough to participate. Cuddles and Kisses, Missy

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you Amy! I will keep up the prayers so that you will feel well enough to go. Keep resting and feeling better,hugs to you!

Gayla said...

I'm so proud of you, too. Nobody deserves this more. I so hope you feel like going. You sleep when you need to. We love you.

IsabellaCloset said...

Amy, What great news...I'm sooooo very excited for you! "Yippee Skippee" as you would say LOL.. Wow! Wow! You and Bob should have a great time.
It was good talking to you this morning. I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better. Take care and keep getting lots and lots of rest now you hear me!
Hugs & Love to you my sweet friend!! ~Mary~ :-}

Sharon Kay said...

Amy........You have to feel good so you can go. What a wonderful person Lance is and an inspiration to all. You can stand tall for all women and fight for all that can help those with the same problem. It is truly a wonderful thing that you will be able to do.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Now tell me God isn't working in this! Isn't that something?!
I will pray that you will be well enough to participate. So exciting!

Becky said...

Praying that you are able to go and that things start looking up for you. Get pleanty of rest and know that we are all praying and thinking of you.


What an honour Amy, well done. You should be so proud. My husband and i are involved with The Intensive Care Foundation here in Australia because of his time in Intensive Care from Cancer. It is a real honour. Even though i dont personally know you i am very proud of you (i hope that doesnt sound condescending at all) as i am sure that everyone who knows you is also.

You are an inspiration :)

Hugs and take care of yourself.
Shannon xo

Genevieve Olsen said...

Wow! what an honor and you are perfect for it! Your spirit is so inspiring; I will pray that you are well wnough to go! Take care!
"see" you soon!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What an honor for you, sweet Amy! Lots of love and prayers for you (as always)!!! hugs! =)

Anonymous said...

Amy I sit here with tears of joy, not just for you, but for everyone that has or had cancer and their family members!
What an honor for everyone! Wouldn't your father be so proud of you!!
Big Hugs,

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, hats off to you. What a great tribute to others ---you have certainly earned the right to be there with your uplifting spirit and courage. Hugs, Pat