Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Just a quick picture to show you how much of my hair is coming out at a time....this piece is from this morning and I still have a head of hair left but then again everyone has always told me "YOU HAVE ENOUGH HAIR FOR THREE PEOPLE!!!"......
Happy Hair Day to All of You......Amy


IsabellasCloset said...

Amy, I'm in tears.. I'm so very SORRY that you must go through all this. You are in my prayers as always. I keep asking God why? I should know better then to do that, I know "Bad things happen to good people"..
Lets look at the plus side of you with short hair or no hair (if we can), you will be cooler with short/no hair this summer and it will be easier to take care of. Hang in there sweetie!
Love & Hugs ~Mary~

Dana said...


I'm so sorry about your hair.You have a great attitude, and that will help:) Just think how beautiful you will be in your new wigs! You should get one in a different hair color, just for fun!

Take care of yourself! You are in our prayers!


Anonymous said...

Amy, I'm so sorry, and I know it's hard to imagine that in a few short months it will be growing back. Take the opportunity to try every colored wig or even turban they make.
Linda is having her treatments and has lost her hair for the 2nd time, I told her she just doesn't like having hair in the summer..LOL (of course her second time of losing it we can joke about it.)
Big Hugs To You!

Judy said...

Hugs to you my friend. Just think, no shampooing, conditioning, coloring, drying, styling, beautician visits...or bad hair days for awhile and then one day it will come back more beautiful than ever. In the meantime, wear lots of wigs in different colors and styles, lots and lots of hats and remember what a beautiful person you are. And every day we will think of you and love you. I just found out another friend of mine is have a biopsy this week. I will add her to my prayers.

countingyourblessings.com said...

My hair has always been my signature thing too (it's red and wildly curly - unruly, really) so I know that it would be devastating to lose it. I'd like to have a cute joke or something but I know this is so hard for you. Cry it up to God and then try to look forward to your first new hairstyle in many years! He's changing you inside and out. He doesn't make any mistakes so we know that the changes (maybe not immediately but long term) will somehow be improvements, if that's possible with someone as lovely as you. Have a happy new hair Wednesday. Blessings... -Polly

Solange said...

Amy!!! Hugs to you, my friend!!!
Sorry I have not been in touch. You are losing hair, I am losing #'s....like 30 of them that I could not afford to lose!!! What a way to lose weight! LOL
Anyway, my rapid weight loss landed me in the hospital for some protein cocktails....Not fun, Girl!!!
Now is the time for you to get creative.....wear hats you would never dream of wearing....a crazy turban so people call you Madame Aimee....or perhaps a pink Yankees cap (everyone will think you are a crazy New Yawker) LOL
HUGS to you my dear....I pray for you every day...
Much love,

carole @scoundrelsandrogues said...

Amy Darlin:
I have no words except the expletives above : ) I am speechless and others say it so much better than I can.
You are in my thoughts!!!
love & Hugs

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Amy what a gem you are, having such an upbeat attitude! Your cheerful spirit is an asset from God!

A friend of mine went through this with ovarian cancer. She went the wig-route (she had THICK red hair) - and I honestly couldn't tell the difference! Her hair has grown back now and looks exactly as it did before... thick and red! =)

The Urban Chic said...

Amy your spirit amazes me. I pray that this will be done soon and your new hair back. In the meantime, like everyone else said, try different colors- wigs and hats.

Mary said...

I'm not crying Amy, I'm smiling at your positive attitude about your hair falling out and your life which will be saved in the process.
Bob and I have both been there, we know the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. Just keep fighting the cancer, it may take your hair but don't let it take your life. Never, ever give up - there is so much to live for and you will be whole again.
We pray for you each day, that you will be strong and know that so many people are thinking of you. We anxiously await your posts so we can be there with you in thought, pushing and pulling for your recovery and return to good health.
Sending love, smiles and good wishes.
Mary & Bob in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

You got it all Amy!! I don't know anyone more glamourous than you BABY!! Seriously.
LOL as in 'Lots of Love'