Sunday, June 03, 2007

~My Breast Cancer Surgery~


My radical bilateral mastectomy surgery has been scheduled and I have had all my pre-op blood work, paper work, x-rays and all that fun stuff done and out of the way. WHEW!!!! My cancer is already in STAGE II. I will be at St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids Thursday, June 7th with my surgery starting at 1:30 in the afternoon. I have to be there at 10 am to start the work on my lymph nodes and to make sure the cancer hasn't spread to them. I will spend one to two nights there depending on how the surgery goes.

I want to thank EVERYONE for your words of encouragement, cards, flowers, gifts and phone calls. Please forgive me for not getting back to anyone right now as I want to spend this (normal) time with Bob and the kids before my surgery. I WILL WRITE BACK TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU when I feel I can as I have received so many well wishes, prayers and letters of hope..... IT IS AMAZING!!!
Never in my life did I realize how a person can impact others. FOR ALL OF YOU I AM TRULY BLESSED!!!

I am not scared at all.....I want you to know. I just want this cancer out of me and I want to get on with my life. DYING IS NOT AN OPTION as I want to see my kids grow up and I want to become a Grandma someday. I want to retire and travel and see all of this grand place we call the USA!!! I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF TO DO and WAY TOO MUCH TO LIVE FOR!!! Please know, GOD IS GOOD......I have already seen the blessings in my life from my diagnosis just 2 short weeks ago. GOOD COMES FROM EVERYTHING and remember.....BETTER TO HAVE ROUGH DAYS, THAN TO HAVE NO DAYS!!! It was one year ago this weekend that my Dad started to die from cancer......he was in ICU for most of his last days until we took him home and he passed with all of us there. I think of him so much with what is going on with me and I am thankful he is no longer suffering and is in a better place. I am more worried for my family and friends than I am for myself as it's still so raw with what we went through with my Dad last summer.

I am strong.....I always have been and like I have said through all of my trials and tribulations...."God hasn't failed me yet, why would he start now???"
My heartfelt thank you, love and hugs,

This is the day that the Lord hath made,rejoice! and be glad therein! Psalms 118

THANK YOU MOM for these ADORABLE PINK MARY JANE Airwalk shoes from Payless Shoes. They are soooo comfy and they were under $15.00.

This is a picture of my hair taken on my Mom's Birthday last Saturday. I have already been told by the doctor and nurses that the chemo drugs I will be taking is called the HAIR CUT TREATMENT....LOL, I will lose my hair. More on that later....and I am OKAY WITH THAT.....I just want this cancer GONE!!!! And YES, my hair is NATURALLY that curly and thick.....I only have a little bit of leave in conditioner in it so it doesn't fly away. The girls and I have big plans for when it starts to fall out and of course, I will keep you updated.

On a footnote, my entire right shoulder, breast and arm feel like they have been punched a hundred times. It hurts to type on the computer and I look forward to the cancer coming out so I can type comfortably again. For those of you who need my address, I am just going to post it on here for you. 7543 Mt Vernon Road, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403....



Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

What a beautiful woman you are Amy, in mind and body.
I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that this will be the start of your full recovery.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

GO GET UM! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! You're amazing! love the pink shoes and YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWSA! be prepared for the chemo curl:)You'll have double that curl! I'll be thinking and praying a LOT for you and I feel honored to be able to peek in on you's so brave of you to share this with all of us & I thank you for that! XOXOXOXOXOXO
the other amy

MJ said...

Keep up the faith, Amy! You can beat this thing! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

A bit about me said...

Hi Darlin Amy:
I am, with tons of others : ), thinking of you. Prayers are mighty and we are all praying for you.
Kisses and Hugs for you and the girlz and Bob and your Sweet Mama!!!
I will write snail mail
Your friend

She'sSewPretty said...

Ohhh Amy...You beautiful, sweet woman. I'll be sending prayers and virtual, gentle, hugs to you the 7th. Love ya girl! Bless you my friend!!

Camie M. said...

Amy, Amy, so strong and wise! That picture of your hair looks just like me from behind! Lots of natural curl...WOWZA! Can't wait to see what you and the girls have planned for it. My prayers are always with you, you know that. You will beat this! God Bless you and Your Precious Family.
Hugs and MUCH Love, Camie

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Hi Sweet Amy,
I was so glad to see a post from you. Please know that you are in my thoughts every day..... and will be especially on the 7th.
Loving the pink shoes, and you have naturally curly hair like me, though mine isn't quite that long anymore!
You take care; and know that we are here thinking of & praying for you and your family.
(((((hugs to you)))))

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

With your positive attitude, you've even cheered us up! Love and prayers to you and your family!!!

Sentimental Roses said...

Awww Amy God love you! You are such a strong & sweet woman! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! God Bless you!!

IsabellasCloset said...

My dear sweet Amy, I wish you the very best with your surgery. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as always. You can & will beat this cancer! It's awful that you must go throught all this. Bless you darling for your positive attitude, it's what will get better. Your pink shoes are such fun, I love them! Yes your hair is beautiful..and if you do loose it you will still be beautiful!! Remember I'm only a phone call away if you need to talk.. day or night! Hugs & Love to you my dear sweet friend. ~Mary~

AldaJane said...

Hi Amy!

You already know how Missy and I feel about you, and all you are going through! We are ALWAYS here!! Always just a phone call away!:) (And more lasagna will be coming your way!)

Your Mom was telling me about your shoes - ADORABLE!!

Much Love to You!

Lori said...

Amy, Much love and prayers to you. Your in my thoughts each day. Love to you, Lori

Mary said...

Dear, dear Amy - here I come to meet you only to find you are off to the hospital soon!
You are a brave and lovely woman who will beat cancer as many of us have. You will fight, you will cry, and you will have days when you think you cannot go on, but you WILL survive because we are all praying for you and sending love and good thoughts - and your family need you in the many years ahead.
I can tell you will never give up - you are too special.
Both my husband and I have beaten cancer - like you we decided we wanted to be grandparents, and we are. We have so much to live for still - and we are glad to be here to send healing thoughts your way.

Be brave, love yourself, know you can win. God Bless.
Mary.........and Bob too!

Arlene said...

Amy, you are one brave woman, and I am so inspired by you. I know you will beat this, and I am praying for you. Keep your chin up, your beautiful hair will grow back! xoxo

Anonymous said...


I left the links to these sites in my
previous response to your initial post. Please go there BEFORE surgery.
You will be amazed at the wealth of info. and support you will receive.
These sites were not available when I had my breast cancer 17 years, ago.

These women can offer you advice regarding surgery recovery, how to prepare for chemo. or offer you a shoulder when you need it. It's a wonderful support group.

God Bless You,
Elaine from SoCal

Anonymous said...

I hope you made it to those sites I posted for you on your initial thread that you posted in May.

The women on both those sites are a wonderful support group and very knowledgeable. They can offer you advice about post operative recuperation, as well as, help you get through chemo.

God Bless You,
Elaine from SoCal

Judy said...

Hi Amy,
I have thought about you everyday since you posted the news. I will be praying and thinking of you Thursday. You are so positive and that is a good thing. I love you and wish you well
Lots of love and hugs for you and your family.

Patrice said...

Thinking about you every day, Amy! Tons of prayers & good thoughts coming your way xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Much Love to you, my sweet cyber-friend xoxoxoxo

Sharon Kay said...

Amy, You have a good attitude and they say that is have the battle. Please take time for you now and let others help. All my prayers are for a speedy recovery for you. Hugs and smiles coming your way from Ohio.

Betty said...

Amy, you don't know me but that's are in my thoughts and prayers and I call you by name to our Heavenly Father.....Thursday you will especially be prayed for as well as your doctors, nurses and your sweet family....God Bless...Betty

Your pink ribbon and name are on my blog: Betty @ Country Charm

IsabellasCloset said...

Amy, I just want to say that "I love you"! I think of you as my 4th Daughter and am so upset about all you must now go through. How my heart aches.
I pray God will watch over you and protect you through your surgery... I will be saying many prayers and waiting to hear how you are. God bless you sweetie, try and have a good day today:-} Your cyber Mom ~Mary~

FourSistersInACottage said...

It's Me, Amy......48 HOURS and counting and I am starting to get scared. I have cried and had a few meltdowns as I am only human.
I do want you to know that Mary, from Isabellascloset, will be posting on my blog for me as soon as she hears from Bob that everything went well with the surgery.
I won't be on the computer for several weeks as that is what I have been told. Please know, I am so BLESSED and THANKFUL for each and everyone of you who have taken time to pray for me, write to me and let me know you will be thinking of me.
As Tiny Tim said, "God Bless Us Everyone"

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, I've been away, but please know that you are in my prayers. Keep the faith and the fight will be easier. Let the tears flow as I believe they water the seeds of our soul.

Missy said...

Hi, Amy - it's Missy. I just want you to know that I have every faith and confidence that you will kick cancer's butt! As strong and independent as I know you can be, please lean on all your friends now whenever you need us. Karen and I are here for you and your family always. Days from now the cancer will be outta there, and your therapy treatments should eradicate any remaining troublemakers. Then you can move on with your life - even stronger than ever and with the knowledge of how many friends truly love and cherish you. Please count on us!!! Love, Love, Love Ya!!! ~~~ Missy

Lisa said...

Dearest Amy,
You have been in my thoughts and prayers since you sent the news. It's ok to be scared, you're dealing with an unknown. Cry, yell, stomp your feet but tomorrow you are walking in there and starting a battle to reclaim your life so be strong. We are all here backing you up, rooting for you.
My prayers are with you.

Sentimental Roses said...

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow Amy! You can beat this you are a very strong woman!!! I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers as well as the doctors & nurses that are caring for you!!!
Big hugs,

Sharon Kay said...

Hi Amy, It is Wed. evening and I thought of you and your surgery tomorrow and again wanted to wish you a fast recovery and you are in my prayers.....Sharon K

Dawn said...

Hi Amy - You can do this! It seems hard at first (although it seems you're already in fighting mode), but it does get easier. Your hair is beautiful, and it will come back. Maybe you could consider locks for love or something like that before it all comes out. I wish mine had been long enough, but I was short about one inch. Please call me if you need to talk to someone who's been there and done ALL of that!

Dawn (a fellow breast cancer survivor)

FrenchGardenHouse said...


I will be joining my blogging sisters to speak your name to our heavenly father, for him to bless you with courage and peace during the surgery...I asked for him to guide the surgeon's hands, and for all the nurses and others who will care for you. For your family and friends to get even closer to him during this time, and of course for you to have a complete healing.

God bless you, girl. You have the best attitude, you have your faith, and you have all of us around the world praying for you.

Thinking especially of you tomorrow,


ps. my friend Jeanne bought TWO wigs during her chemo treatments to wear, one a blonde one like she usually has her hair, the other a dangerous redhead!:)

miss*R said...

sending lots of angels and well wishes - you will beat this beast !!

oneblueegg said...

Good Morning Chica! Are ya ready???? I'm sitting here thinking of one thing this early day & that is YOU! I know this day well, having gone with my mom for her surgery I know how scared you are, nervous shaky angry sad maybe even a tad bit giddy:) happy to be getting this bit of the journey over'll be ok ya know:) and once they give you the happy juice you'll not remember a thing from this mornings emotions...hoping and praying for all good things for you today! xo
the other amy

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you today Amy. You don't know who I am but I want you to know that I am praying for your strength during this difficult time.

Genevieve Olsen said...

Amy, my eyes are filling with tears as I read your post and think of all the things you are going through and thoughts you must be having!! !My prayers and thoughts are with you!!! You will beat this terrible thing!!!!I love your spirit and determination!
I will be checking on you and looking forward to your return.

Cherub*Kisses said...

Father God bless Amy, her surgeons and the doctors that have her in their care. Wrap your arms around her and comfort her with Your presence.
In Jesus name, Amen

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

You are such a strong and positive person - many of us can, should, and will learn from your example! You are in my thoughts..Everything is going to be just fine. Sending many hugs to you!

Marilyn said...

Amy, you will survive this! My little sister had a double radical 5 years ago. She was 36 years old. This past May I was so proud to be present when she walked the Survivors walk at the Relay for Life event in her town.
I have to say her attitude was and is like yours and she has done so well that I KNOW you will too! My prayers are with you!
Marilyn at Ivy and Lace Cottage

A bit about me said...

Lucky me; I just spoke with Bob : ) and he said all of your family is visiting with you and you are out of surgery; a bit sore :(
Me and your cyber~Mom Mom are thinking about you!!!
Much love to you my Darlin Friend!!!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Amy ~
You are going to do amazing and fight this like crazy and will do awesome because you have God on your side ~ I can't wait to see some posts after your surgery to watch your progress ~
Lots of hugs and prayers ~


Dear sweet Amy,
You fight and you fight hard ok.
We are all thinking of you and sending our best wishes.

Many Hugs,
Shannon :)