Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Good Friday was the day I went with my wonderful hubby to ride along to his Firefighter training class he was teaching. On the way home, we had to pick up his boat which was being serviced at the marina. As we drove home, we were taking the back roads and I saw, sitting across the road from a house, an old vintage wicker rocking chair and a bright yellow 1940's metal porch gliding sofa. I thought, "How strange to have those sitting next to a mail box across the street from the house." As we drove by I saw a HUGE SIGN tape on both pieces saying "FREE". OH, IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I tried to sputter out the words, "PLEASE TURN AROUND...THAT STUFF IS FREE!!!"

WHAT A GREAT MAN I HAVE MARRIED, He managed to swing the truck around while hauling his big fishing boat and not only did he stop and check each piece out to make sure they were structurally sound but he loaded them up without any hesitation and unloaded them for me too. You see, I have am not used to having anyone do anything for me like that (years of bad marriages) and every time Bob does those kinds of things for me...I am amazed!!!! I would say, It's was a GOOD FRIDAY INDEED. Now the ideas are swirling around in my head and I really need to learn to sew. Couldn't you just see some adorable porch pillows on the wicker rocking chair and repaint the yellow porch sofa to white and add some happy vintage RED CHERRY Tablecloth pillows to it. What a fun find....AND WHAT AN AWESOME HUSBAND.....Thank you Bob!!! I AM TRULY BLESSED!!!
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Amy - those are gorgeous freebies! Totally amazing! I especially love the metal glider! What a sweet, sweet man you have there! =)

Liz said...

I've enjoyed finding your blog. These are the greatest 'freebie' finds I have ever seen. And congrats on having a wonderful long-suffering husband to do curbside pickup.


Anonymous said...

Yes, what a find (and your husband, too)! The metal glider is a hot item - I saw one in a decorating magazine & the owner had her's painted a beautiful aqua at an auto body shop I think, (many people wanted to buy it from her when she went to pick it up.)
Even if I ever found something so fab - which is not likely, I don't have a truck - rats! :)

lilcottageshoppe said...

Oh Amy, you hubby is definitely a treasure! I would have died to find those free! Lucky you!

MJ said...

It is always so nice to read of someone's excitement &, in particular, it is wonderful to read of your feeling blessed with your marriage!

Hope you enjoy learning to sew! You are join the learning club! I look forward to reading of your stitching & ripping out of stitches!

Shabby in the City said...

You aren't kidding about it being a good friday! Goodness.
I know just the seamstress you need...http://pinkcottage.blogspot.com/ she also has a shop called Chenille #5! Isn't that funny?

cityfarmer said...

Rock a bye my baby!!!!!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

Holy crap Amy!!! I would have been jumping up and down doing a big ol' Happy Dance - LOL! I LOVE both the chair and the glider. I have wanted one of those for YEARS! They are SO pricey around here. Have fun with 'em! Debbie =)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

Oh you lucky girl...on the hubby and the great finds. I guess that makes him a great "find" too. congrats!

Lisa said...

Those roadside treasures are the best! As far as having the great husband, you deserve all the happiness you get!

Farmer Di said...

Awesome find! What a Good Friday you had ~ for sure~ I would be soooo excited too; I have this thing about rockers & gliders ~ the cherry cushions would look adorable!
It is wonderful to hear you speak so highly of your husband ~ ;-) ~ I have been blessed with a great guy now for 22 years!

Have fun~

Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi Amy,
Ohh!! I love that wicker rocker...can't wait to see the finished product... I know it will be gorgeous... What a blessed gal indeed :))

Susan Tuttle said...

Woh ho!! Awesome roadside finds--they don't get any better than that!!!

You lucky gal!!! Have fun with them!


quiltdoggie said...

WOWSER!!! Love love love that glider, and kudos to Bob * sounds like you found yerself a gem of a hubby, A ~ Congrats on the freebies AND the wonderful HUBBY!!! xoxoxo

scoundrel said...

How cool!!!
Don't worry about a thing on the sewing of the pillows. You know I will make some for you :)
Bob is a darling; he knows what a "find" he has in you too!!!
You always find the greatest pieces :)
Amy check out the blog I am trying to do too.

Sharon Kay said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful husband to pick up the treasures you found along the road. That should show all of us to always keep our eyes open and the trunk of the car empty...........Happy for you and you will have to show us the after pictures........

linda t said...

What AMAZING Good Friday finds!!
Love the yellow metal one!! Yes, it needs lots of fluffy cushions and pillows!! Sooo sweet!

Lallee said...

How nice to find your blog! Those were wonderful finds, and hubby is definitely worth keeping ;-)

Rosa said...

A good man, indeed! What treasures!

cityfarmer said...

I've got the itch and I've got it bad!!!!
Seventy degrees this weekend...anc I know there will be some sales.

Stephanie said...

Amy, I'm so happy to have found your blog! I'm new at this, just started my own blog, so please stop by.

Love all your freebies! If you are looking for ANYTHING with CHERRIES on it, go to my friend, Dolly's blog, From My Cherry Heart. She has amazing cherry-themed items!

Will visit you often, I'm sure!


Jules said...

wow am loving your blog,i am mother to four sons and thanks for your comment on my blog.What treasures you found including the husband (and i can identify with that one)this hubby would pick em up for me the last would have sped past.
loving the rocker