Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jack of all trades, Master of None

I just finished looking at Niki's, from Nostalgia at the Stone House, blog. She INSPIRES ME!!! Yet, I look at all the eye candy that she treats us to everyday and I feel a bit inadequate. I feel like I don't have that talent like Mary Bella from Isabellascloset or Niki. I look at these pictures of what I have done in the past and wonder, Do others look at my creativity as inspiring as I do at others. Most days, I feel like a Jack of All Trades and A Master Of None.
And so.....the story goes, I will continue to try to find my talent. Try to find that "thing" that insprires me and others around me, that "thing" that makes me feel like I have some talent. Until then, I will keep trying, and looking at these pictures and say..."Did I really do that?"


Lisa said...

are you kidding? I looked all through this blog and think you're very talented AND you have a great eye for pretties! Then there's raising 4 kids and not one of them in jail. LOL. Yes you are talented!
Seriously, we all seem to bring out the best in each other as far as providing inspiration and being inspired. It is so much fun to have a blog and to find people from all over the world that have so much in common. I just love it.
You keep up the great work and I will visit for my inspiration.
Thanks Amy!

lilcottageshoppe said...

Amy, oh my...yes you have talent! I did my first mosaic table and hated it! Yours are all so pretty!
And with kids, mine are grown and I still can't make time to finish a project, yes, I would say you are very talented!

Peta said...

You have nothing to feel inferior about, your things are GORGEOUS!!!

deb said...

Don't be silly. Your site is very inspiring. You have so many beautiful things and have an excellent eye for color. I'm having fun looking at all your goodies! Will check in again. :)

(Thanks for visiting my blog too!)


cityfarmer said...

Oh no, not another kindred spirit...I'm going to have to take up blogging as my full time job..

can we chat again?????

Sharon Kay said...

I found you a few weeks ago and put you in my favorites and look forward to each and every lovely post my friend. You have found your talent.......

Clare said...

Hi! I think the mosaics are really pretty; let's see lots more of your lovely creations! Clare x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Amy,
Your creations are beautiful... you should be VERY proud of your pretty mosaics. Everyone has something to offer in blog land!

Shabby in the City said...

Very pretty mosaics and other stuff...what ARE you talking about???

carol said...

hi amy
I love your web page
and I am also a jack of all trades master of only one I wil be back for a visit